The three Caballeros are getting ready!!!




Ok everyone, either I’m very driven towards my goal, or I’m just nuts!!!! I just signed up to run my first full marathon!!! The most I ever ran was a half marathon(13.1 miles). Yes, I’m a little nervous about it, hoping I can handle and run the full 26.2 miles. My ultimate goal is the run the NY full Marathon so I have to start somewhere. So what better way to start then to run the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon!!!!!


2014 Walt Disney Marathon Weekend here we come!



My husband ran the Marathon this past January, he actually ran the Goofy Challenge and a half. For those of you who don’t know it is running the half, and full marathon. He received three beautiful medals I hope to get one day =)


Alpha with our best friend, waiting for him to run by at mile 19 after having 32 miles done! 2013 Goofy Challenge and a half.


While my best friend, Alex (yes I will talk about him a lot) and I sat there watching all the runners go by while we waited for my Alpha to run by, we decided to make a pact to run our first marathon together! I’m so happy we decided that and actually went through with it, as us three are all signed up and ready for the 2014 Walt Disney world Marathon!!!!! I must let you know, I’m very nervous about this challenge ahead of me, but I LOVE a challenge and will take it head on with a strong heart and feet full of determination!!!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to start training soon. Lately I’ve been working on my speed trying to PR at a 5k, my best time being 29:04. So going from speed runs to Marathon pace will be a challenge. I will keep you all posted on our training; including nutrition, injuries(I know there will be many lol), best gear, shoes, and cross training, and costumes!!!!!

Since Alpha and I will be running with Alex, we needed to run as a group. We LOVE to dress up in costumes for races! It makes it a lot of fun! We have done it at every race in the past and been awesome! So there are three of us, what best comes to mind is THE THREE CABALLEROS!!!! I will be Donald Duck, Alpha will be Panchito, and Alex will be Jose!! It is perfect because we are a lot like them. Always joking around, being sarcastic, making the best out of every situation, and lets not forget getting into trouble lol.


Three Caballeros


This adds a bit more excitement to the race, as we try to figure out how to look like them and be able to run 26.2 miles! lol I also feel honored to run that distance with those two crazy smart ass men! They are both Army Veterans and have been through hard-core training and since my Alpha has already run this race, he will have no problem! Alex having been deployed to war for many years has seen it all, and I know he can handle and will succeed at his first marathon! I’m also ecstatic I get tobe there with him every step of the way! As friends for over 15 years we have been through A LOT, and this is another experience to add onto my list =)


Alex, me, and Alpha


I know I’m going to succeed at my first marathon because my Alpha will be training me again, just as he has done for all my past races. He keeps me going and makes sure I don’t stop and fight through it!! Being a Military Vet, he trains me like they trained him, which is so beneficial!!! The training they do is very helpful, as it helps you fight through being tired, in pain, and wanting to give up. They also run cadence which is VERY good. It keeps you running at 180 steps a minute which is a great injury prevention. I will keep you all posted as I test a few things to see what will work better for me as I head towards the Marathon Finish line!!!!




Anyone out there running the 2014 Walt Disney Marathon? Think you are brave enough to run the Dopey Challenge?  I WILL run this one year, but taking baby steps towards it! The Dopey Challenge consists of running the 5K, newly added 10K, half marathon, and full marathon done in four days!!! You receive 6 medals to prove your “braveness” . Congratulations to those willing to take on this challenge and wish you luck!!


Hope to see you all on the streets! stay tuned!



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