I’m not Goofy, or Dopey yet…but cutting it real close!!!




This is going to be a quick post, just wanted to let you  guys know what I’m up to and what to expect in the months to come. As you know I signed up to do my first full marathon. The most I’ve ever ran is 13.1 miles, which was my first half at Disney, this past January. I ran the half marathon at the 2013 Walt Disney Marathon Weekend, representing TEAM ASPCA. My husband ran the Goofy Challenge and a half (39.3 miles total), I only ran the half because I didn’t even think I could run that far! I must say that it was an INCREDIBLE experience that I recommend to everyone, but at around 8 miles boy….I was not doing good whatsoever!!!! My left hip kept going into my ribs(since its higher) and it was painful!!!! I actually went along side the course and fell to the ground!!! I sat there for about 2 minutes got back up and overcame the pain(follow my blog to later learn how I did it).

With that being said, yes I’m nervous about the task I just set up for myself, but I guess my Alpha’s attitude is rubbing off on me, because instead of being scared, I accept the challenge!!!!



I’m more excited than anything to take on this challenge. I didn’t think I could ever run, let alone run a marathon, so this will be VERY rewarding for me in the end. Luckily my Alpha will also run these races with me; he is the biggest supporter I have! He never lets me give up and helps me fight through my worst times!! Unfortunately, Alex who has been at ALL my races will not be cheering me on for this one as he will be relaxing preparing himself to run his first full marathon with me a day after I run my 10K. He, along with others think I’m crazy for attempting to run this mileage in two days, but he has told me he is proud of me for always dreaming big and is confident that I will be successful =) Since Run Disney added the new Dopey Challenge(5K,10,K,half,and full marathon) everyone is after that new 10K race! That is the one I signed up for along with my full marathon! It is going to be awesome!!! The course has yet to be released but it will go through Epcot.



The medals are all going to change as well, but the 10K medal will be Minnie Mouse related to continue with the theme, since the marathon medal is Mickey Mouse, the half is Donald duck, and obviously the Goofy Challenge is Goofy. It will be nice to add another inaugural medal to our collection. It’s also great news that Run Disney decided to keep the course they had for the 2013 Full marathon the same!!! I was jealous that my Alpha not only ran through all Disney parks, but had the opportunity to run through the Walt Disney World Speedway(I’m a car fanatic), but now I will also! WOOHOO!


Yes, I will take it easy, and not go crazy running the 10K days before my first full marathon. I am a big dreamer and strongly believe in accomplishing the imPOSSIBLE. Anything can be done, if you believe in yourself and have the determination to make it to the top, so please stick around to follow me on my training journey towards my first full marathon!


I’m ready to start training for this mileage. I am going to train with different forms of hydration, going to try different kinds of fuel while running, running gear and costumes, yes we run every Run Disney race in costume!! Follow my blog to take part on this unforgettable experience!!!


my latest addition to my wall of motivation!
my latest addition to my wall of motivation!







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