A MUST have accessory for my fellow women runners!!!!

So I had the chance to run with the HipS-sister product. It was such a great and useful accessory!!!! I LOVE my new HipS-sister


This clever hip bands are embedded with sleek zippers to hold your small personal essentials. This incredibly practical, go-anywhere accessory is not your mother’s fanny pack. There are a variety of styles, colors, and designs. The hip band I wear is excellent, because it keeps me hands free while running!!!! It has many pockets, 2 with zippers, and an outside slide pocket to put your keys, ID, cards, and cash.


I usually run with an arm band with my phone inside, or run with my mp3 player, holding it in my hand. The arm band is useful but gets uncomfortable at time, and I can only carry my phone nothing else. With this awesome HipS-sister, I am able to carry my house key, phone, and mp3 player and be hands free!!! It is so much easier to reach down and get what I need to get without it interrupting my running! I finally can run comfortably and still carry everything I need! It also sits at your waist where you don’t even feel it because when you carry all your essentials with you, it doesn’t make it heavy or weight it down. I’m not a big “sweater” but The little sweat I did have did not affect the stuff I had inside my hip band. It does not move or ride up, it sits right where you place it. =)


I recommend all lady runners to have one of these!!! It is a MUST have accessory! Super light, hands free, easy to get to our gels in the secret pockets and doesn’t get in our way!!!!  Stop by http://runningfabulous.wordpress.com/ and check out the colors and styles they have! You can also stop by https://www.facebook.com/Runningfabulous and ask any questions you might have! You can contact Joan directly via email as well: mrsjtg@a0l.com Make sure you let them know Runner Unleashed sent you.

I highly recommend you take a few minutes to check this out useful accessory for runners! I will not run without mine now! =)




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