Training for my first full marathon begins!!


YAY! I’m so excited and pumped to begin training for my first full marathon!!! As you know the farthest I’ve gone has been 13.1  miles. I must admit, I am a little intimidated by the 26.2 tag that comes with the full marathon. When I ran the half marathon back in January, I did struggle. Half way through I was attacked by pain, I was on the floor. But I did get back up and finished the rest of my race…RUNNING through the pain!!! Man! it was worth it!!! I was invincible, and I intended to be a stronger better more efficient runner for my first full marathon!

2013 Walt Disney World Marathon start
2013 Walt Disney World Marathon start

There is a plus for me since Alpha, ran the Goofy Challenge(both full and half marathon) so he can tell me what to expect. I am going to try some different mid fuel options, and continue to correct my running form. My back keeps me running straight but due to my shorter hip, that side works harder which cause those annoying shin splints!!! But luckily they only REALLY hurt once in a while.

Since I am running this race with my alpha, and my best friend, aka THE THREE CABALLEROS we have decided to have a training schedule comfortable for everyone!  It is similar to the training schedule on the Run Disney site. We have just tweaked it a little bit since each time we head out for a run its about 5 miles. Twice a week we will hit a low mileage, about 3-4 miles, and we will do a long distance run once a week. With an increase every other week or so. I will post my monthly training schedule along with a beginner marathon running schedule for those of you who would like to train for a marathon. This schedule will take me up all the way to the actual race. I will taper off some time before it. That way I am fully restored with energy! I also have a 10K race I am doing a day before the marathon! Yes, I must be insane, but I’m also determined and confident I can do it! =)

Blank-Calendar-June-2013doneI have left Tuesday free just in case I need more time to recover from my long runs, since as it progresses the distance will increase and take a bigger toll on my back. I have made this schedule to how I assume my body will respond. Feel free to follow along with me and my journey to the 26.2 goal!

Blank-Calendar-June-2013beginnerHere is an example of a beginner training schedule that you can follow along with me, on the free days you can do whatever you need to whether its to cross train, strengthen, or just relax. I will do my cross training on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  That will include working out abs, back, shoulders, arms, swimming, lifting, and most importantly strengthening.


I will be training with my Alpha(he is a GREAT coach), and our best friend Alex, will be following my training schedule and do it on his own. He better! He honestly doesn’t have a choice, poor thing =P So make sure you stay tuned, I will post weekly updates about all training. I am always here for any questions and advice for training. Don’t forget to check out my page on Facebook for daily tips and stretches.



3 thoughts on “Training for my first full marathon begins!!

  1. Good Luck! You must be so excited. I am hoping to run my first half next spring, and then we’ll see where I go from there 🙂 How was it going from a 10K to 13.1? I am nervous!

    1. Kathleen congrats on taking on the 13.1!!! The transition was actually easy for me because I went fron a 10k to a 10 miler and then the half. So I slowly came up. Hows the training going?

      1. Pretty good- I have a 10K this weekend, then a 7miler towards the end of the summer and I’m thinking I’ll find a 10miler for the fall… Then what’s 3 more miles after that, right?

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