First month of marathon training

I finally began my training for my first marathon, and my first month was a bust!!! Many factors affected my training. Number one being the WEATHER!!! I do enjoy a nice run in the rain, I actually prefer it. Lately, we’ve been having downpours with lots of lightning and thunder… thanks!!! So we have had to postpone the training for the day or skip it. That is something I do not like to do, but sometimes needs to be done.rain

About two weeks ago, we started off for a training run and the day was going fine, the sun was out and all. On the last mile home the weirdest thing happened, there was a HUGE storm tailing us!!! It made me hustle a bit more but it caught up to us and we were attack with big fat drops of water! Yes, they hurt, but just as suddenly they appeared, they just disappeared too! By the time we made it home it had stopped and the sun was back out!! That is Florida weather for you, the weather changes from one extreme to the other in minutes. SA

Of course the rain never travels alone, with it came a bad heat wave! Broke records here since the 70s!! I don’t do so well running in the heat, another bad training run!!! Ugh the sun was really working on me this day. We usually go running at sun down because it isn’t as hot, but lately it doesn’t matter what time we run it’s still super hot!!! After a few training runs, taking it easy of course in the new heat, I was able to get some good runs in. Finally having some good runs now! woohoo!!

My face is read and I AM sweating even though hard to tell lol

Now that July is here, I am into my second month of training I am really hoping I can continue to improve and get better and keep upping my mileage. I am actually excited to be running more than 10 miles at a time!! I must be crazy, which is a compliment I often get. lol

In this phase I will be testing and trying out different forms of midrun fuels. I will see which gels,bars, and gummies are most effective in keeping my energy levels up. Here is my July training schedule, I am not posting the beginner schedule but if you would like me too I will, just let me know =)

Blank Calendar July 2013done



Hopefully my next training recap is better and more successful than this one. Although as long as I am out there running I am already successful right?!?!?

Soft-Pinkworth it


-cheetah g


4 thoughts on “First month of marathon training

    1. Thank you so much for your support!!! I am doing the best I can with what I have!! Thanks for recognizing it =)

  1. Even thought the heat has been rough and your runs are not exactly as you expect, when it does cool down you will be amazed at how well everything falls into place. Your times will be up and it will feel like a breeze (no pun intended).

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