SKORA running shoes

I recently was introduced to SKORA running shoes. I am currently testing out some shoes; I am slowly getting used to them. But I just wanted to introduce you into the shoe as well!


SKORA is a new company with new vision and a different philosophy. They  look at things differently and believe running shoes should be built to encourage running performance. In other words, they want you run as biomechanically correct as possible, with minimal interference. SKORA shoes are made to help you run more naturally.

A little bit about the creator, David, an avid runner, he became injured in 2001 and started looking for a shoe that would not further aggravate his severe IT band issues. Traditional running footwear only seemed to make the problems worse. His search led him to the barefoot and minimalist running movement, at the time it was a small community. After taking up barefoot running with positive results, David soon looked for alternate footwear that would offer the same benefits, but provide some relief from the hot and rough asphalt of the Florida roads he ran on. After finding nothing on the market to fit his needs, David began making his own footwear: running socks covered in latex rubber. Fast forward to 2007, and the real story of SKORA begins. You can find out more about him at

The company is based out of Portland, Oregon where they build premium, lightweight performance running footwear that encourage a more bio-mechanically correct, natural stride.


“Running Real” is SKORA’s motto for running how nature intended – efficient, effective and with ease. As the foot strikes the ground, contact is made in the middle of the foot, not at the heel. Running with a whole-foot gait results in less impact energy and force shock transmitted through the body than compared to the heel strike gait favored by conventional running shoes.

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You can find out more information by checking out their website and they get into real detail about their product. There are great looking minimalist, aka “Run Real” shoes. All SKORA shoes are zero-drop. which means the thickness of the shoe’s platform is the same in the heel and the forefoot. This design and construction consideration matches the foot and is in support of the Run Real philosophy. They have many colors and many style for men and women.



Since I usually run with a 10mm drop shoes, changing over to a zero drop will take time. But thanks to SKORA I have the chance to test it out. So far I am just walking in my shoes casually. To the store, the park, around the house. As I get used to them I plan on running short distances at a time to give my body a chance to get used to the difference.


When I put them on, they fit just right. Love the strap instead of shoe laces. Since I have issues with them untying midrun. They fit great and feel nice on. You definitely feel the heel support and can feel your foot making its natural stride.  So far I am loving them. Can’t wait until I can actually run in them. I have a feeling these shoes will be great to run in. Another great feature the shoes have an antimicrobial, anatomical insoles. It is high-performance open cell foam, the insoles provide excellent breathability and moisture transport to ensure a cooler, drier run and lasting antimicrobial function!!

So far so good. I will keep you all updated on my testing of these SKORA shoes!! Stay tuned!! In the meantime you can go to their website and find out more about them =)


-cheetah g


7 thoughts on “SKORA running shoes

  1. I have two pairs of Skora running shoes now – I got the Form, and somehow they ended up as my every day casual shoe rather than a running shoe (they’re so perfect for that), I recently got the Base because I had read a review that they were better for running. I have only done one run in them but the biggest issue I have is with how heavy they are – my other shoes are much lighter (Merrell Trail Gloves, New Balance Minimus Zero, Vibram Fivefingers), so I’m still not sure how much use they will get. Good luck with the transition – don’t forget to take it easy and don’t be afraid to take it back a notch if something doesn’t feel right.

    1. “don’t forget to take it easy and don’t be afraid to take it back a notch if something doesn’t feel right.”

      That’s a good recommendation for any situation in running 🙂

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