More on my August plank challenge!

I know a lot of you are following along with the plank challenge I created, which is so awesome!!!! You guys are all kicking butt!! I know some of you are sweating, shaking, and struggling to hold it but trust me, it will make you stronger!! Holding the planks will increase your core strength!! Keep it up!!

The challenge I made has us doing planks EVERYDAY! I think you all are strong enough to do it. =) You can also change up the type of plank you do. Some planks are more effective than others. Just make sure when you do plank, you are completely straight. Your butt shouldn’t be up in the air, nor sag because it causes strain on your lower back. Wearing shoes is probably best as it doesn’t cause so much work for your bare feet.

This is what a basic plank should look like
This is what a basic plank should look like

Since my challenge is everyday, You can change the style of planks you do. The side planks are VERY effective as it engages your obliques, which helps us breathe when we are running. I also recently learned of a different way to do a plank to use most of the muscles we use while running. It is a little tough to do but it mimics our body movement while running:

Running Plank
Running Plank

Like I said it is a little hard to do, but if you can do it, try for 2 sets of 8 reps, each side.  I am slowly working on it. Here are different types of planks:


For my plank challenge, I like alternating planks each day, from basic to side planks, also adding one leg up planks. Here is the schedule for the plank challenge as some of you requested =) Just make sure to let me know on the daily plank challenge reminder posts I do on Facebook that you have completed the day’s challenge. I know some of you are rock stars and are already holding your planks for much longer than scheduled! Keep it up, you all are doing awesome!!!!

PLANK CHALLENGEndar August 2013 (1)Keep of the hard work you all are doing!! Shaking is OK means you are working hard!!! If you are having trouble holding it, lower back down for a few seconds and get back up. In time though you should be able to hold at least a 1 minute plank with no pain or problems. If you have any concerns or questions about your form, don’t be afraid to ask me! I am here to help others. =)

Good Luck everyone!

-cheetah g

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