Another month in marathon training down!

I know I know, I am a little late writing a recap of another month down in training but a lot of things have been happening lately. It’s better late than never right?!?!

So now is when I start to enter the “fun” part of my training, where the mileage will quickly increase. I am actually excited about this! The farthest I have ran has been the 13.1 miles at my race! So once I hit that again, and surpass it, I will feel so accomplished =)

As far as my last month in training…it was O.K. I know it could have been better but I ran across some injuries…literally.  July went well, I was able to do all my long run days yay! I tried to do a 30 min run days, and I guess since I am increasing my mileage, my legs didn’t agree with the schedule so I had to sit out some of those days.

The cross training part…um yea, failed! My back got flared up and had to skip most of my planned workouts, but luckily I am making up for them now 😉 I have been able to do a lot of swimming which is probably the best thing I can do. Ever since Doctors discovered my Scoliosis, they always told me to swim because it helps ease the pain, and strengthen my back. I have always enjoyed a good swim. Living in South Florida, you kind of have to enjoy swimming right?!?


I did have some good training days, and I was happy I was able to start testing different mid run fuel. Here are some that I have taken: Clif Shot Bloks, GURoctaone, and the sport beans. I have actually used the Rocatane, and Clif shot gels for my half marathon but I wasn’t too happy with it. The Clif Shot Bloks didn’t really seem to do its job. I still felt tired drained and very sluggish. Alpha on the other hand is happy with the shot bloks. That is what he used during his marathon along with a mixture of water/powerade and it did it for him.

The sports beans seem to have worked a little better for me. I liked the taste and it gave me that boost of energy I needed. Luckily I don’t have to carry water with me, as the trail we run on has a water fountain every mile or so. I know how far each one is so I can take my gels/sports beans and drink some water with it to wash it down.



Unfortunately, my August schedule is off to a horrible start!! I am not happy with it at all!! I started off the month with a trip to the ER with a nasty nasty stomach virus that lasted over 2 weeks. I still haven’t fully recovered, therefore, I haven’t really had a chance to run, or train for that matter!!! Have you ever met a runner who hasn’t been able to run because of an injury or illness?? Yea, let’s just say, you are better off staying out of their way. LOL

I went out for a quick 4 mile run and I felt OK. It wasn’t horrible but obviously my body needs time to adjust back to running. I haven’t ran since, as my normal pain that comes and goes, has presented itself and decided to stick around. I am having a lot of trouble moving my arm around and I am not liking it.It is actually my rhomboid trap muscle in my back, so many surgeries, tons of muscle damage. This was one of the gifts the surgeon left me with. I get frustrated and mad knowing that this is what I have to deal with for the rest of my life. It really sucks but whatever, complaining or dwelling on it won’t do anything. I have to keep pushing forward and passed it.

August 2013done

Here is where I should be at this point but I am not even close. I am going to have to work really really hard to get back on schedule. I am currently doing my plank challenge, and an additional core strengthening challenge that has me doing something everyday. So far so good but I’ve missed two days thanks to my arm(being that its my trap muscle in my back), I can’t hold my weight on certain workouts. I am doing the best I can with what I have. I may not be the strongest but I am doing my best.

This week has been a busy week, since my little man got sick, and getting school stuff in order. I am hoping to get a quick run in before the 5K we are running on Saturday but if not, then next week it is on like Donkey Kong! =)

I will be trying out a few more gels I haven’t tried yet, like Huma Energy gels!! I am excited to try those, I have a feeling they may be the one. 500-12573000

Until then…..

-cheetah g


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