Walt Disney World Marathon 2014 Medals!!!

I am not sure when the medal designs get released each year, but most of the times when you go to a runDisney expo, they usually have  all the medals of ALL the races Disney has to offer. So some of you have already seen the design and even has a chance to touch the medals!

I keep getting asked what they look like and I finally have an answer!! Here are all the medals for THE WALT DISNEY WORLD MARATHON WEEKEND 2014!!!! ONLY 3 months away!!!!!!!

5kThis is the Pluto Family Fun 5K (3.1 miles) medal.

collage10kThis is a new event they added for the 2014 weekend!!! This is the 10K (6.2 miles) medal!! I believe they made this one the Minnie Mouse medal since all the other characters have one of their own.

collagehalfThis is the Donald Half Marathon (13.1 miles) medal!

collagefullHere is the Mickey Full Marathon (26.2 miles) medal!!! The medal I have been after for a number of years!!

collagegoofyThis is the Goofy’s race and a Half Challenge (39.3 miles) medals!! I say medals with an S because runners who participate in this race will get 3 medals. The Goofy Challenge takes part over the last 2 race days, where runners run in the half marathon and the full marathon. So they are awarded those race medals along with this beautiful Goofy Challenge and a Half medal!! My alpha ran this Challenge last year and LOVED every mile of it 😉 I was so proud of him!

collagedopeyHere are the medalS for the Dopey Challenge (48.6 miles). This is also a newly added event for the 2014 weekend. And the name fits comfortably and this is why…The Dopey Challenge takes part in four days, where all participants will take part in EACH race. The 5K, 10K, half, and full marathon!!! That is A LOT of miles, but also A LOT of medals!!! It is a total of 6 medals to each runner in the Dopey Challenge!!!! You get all the individual race medals along with the Goofy’s race and a Half Challenge and the new Dopey medal! This is a challenge I am willing to accept….one day! lol I have to survive the Goofy Challenge first!

So these are the medals you will see coming January 9, 2014. I am VERY excited about the new designs, as they changed them again from last years, here are the medals we won last year between alpha, our son and I:


Since Alpha and I LOVE a challenge, we decided to not only sign up for MY first full, but also the newly added 10K!!! To an elite athlete like him, it probably won’t be a big challenge to him, but to me…someone who has only ran 13.1 miles ONCE, I must say it’s a little intimidating!!!!! Luckily the 10K is January 10th, and the marathon is January 12th. So I have some time to recover!!!! I am VERY excited and nervous about it because I will have a total of running 32.4 miles!!! WOW! EEK!!! Thinking back to when I was at the starting line for my half marathon in January, I was a nervous wreck!!!! I felt like throwing up I was so nervous and I had sooooo much adrenaline that I couldn’t stay still!!! Good thing Alpha and I had enough time to run a little bit before the start of the race to calm down a bit! But once the infamous fireworks got started to signal the beginning of the race it all went away! What a memorable moment!!! Just writing about it makes my heart start racing!!!

I have already started to work on our costumes!! We always dress up to some degree for each race. You will have to wait and see what we look like, although alpha and I will be dressed up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  This Marathon will have more meaning than other races I have ever done. I will run it with my husband and our best friend. It will definitely be an emotional run and I can’t think of anyone else to run it with than the MOST supportive, motivational, and GREAT guys!!! I refuse to run a long race without my husband, and our best friend has gone to ALL our race to support us and give me that encouragement I need. Seeing him on the sidelines jumping up and down rooting for us from a far gives me such a boost to continue. I need him at every race. knowing he believes in me so much, means more to me than he will ever know. Now we get to share an EPIC moment together crossing the finish line of our FIRST marathon!!! It’s going to be memorable and an honor to run with my guys!!! I can’t wait!!! Make sure to look for The 3 Caballeros on the course 😉


-cheetah g


One thought on “Walt Disney World Marathon 2014 Medals!!!

  1. Gee I wish I had the opportunity to do “The Dopey” 25 years ago when I could run! This event truly is a runner’s bucket-list event.

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