Go Pink for October!



As most of you know the month of October is Breast Cancer month. It’s the time that we all work together to help those affected, support the families of those that have passed, and create some much needed awareness to the illness that takes so many lives each year. Throughout the US, organizations and charities work together to raise awareness to this disease.

Some places offer free mammograms and testing to women. Staff and trained volunteers serve as navigators, supporting and guiding women and their support people through cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. In some places there are support groups provide emotional and social support for those newly diagnosed and those undergoing treatment, as well as those with post-treatment issues. You can check your local area to see how you can help.

If you know someone who is fighting, or a survivor, there is a way for you to show your support! As a Shubeez affiliate, I strongly believe they have started a GREAT campaign to create some Cancer awareness!!! They have these fantastic shoe tags for you to proudly display on your shoes, or show your support for a loved one. Here are some of the tags they have and ways you can help:

shubeez cancer
Click here for more information

They also started the Lace Up To Beat Cancer campaign! The campaign is a partnership with Shannon Miller Lifestyle, founded by 7-time Olympic medalist and gymnast Shannon Miller. She is a cancer survivor and health and fitness advocate. Each purchase will benefit the foundation they have posted on their site, you can choose which one.$1 from every individual purchase and $10 from every bulk purchase goes back to the chosen beneficiary. Together we will lace up to beat cancer, one step at a time. Join the movement! You can order in bulk for a fundraiser event, or even a local awareness meeting you will do. So many ways to help and this way is awesome! Head on over to http://www.shubeez.com to find out how you can help others!


Go PINK for the month of October to show your support along with so many others for this month!


-cheetah g



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