Our Marathon is so close!!!!

Sorry everyone, I know I have been missing for some time, but things go real busy for me. But I am back! yay! I was real sick with the flu recently, and I am just now starting to feel better.

My Marathon training is still going strong! I was able to try a few more energy gels and got a little further in distance. I just can’t believe that my FIRST marathon is 2 months away!!! I am beyond excited!


I thought that by this point I would be well into the double digits in distance, but so far I have barely crossed that mark. That is the beauty of the training months, most of the time the training runners doesn’t go as planned. That is why it is better to train many months before to still have time to train properly when things like school plays, events,family times, and illness get in the way. Luckily I run enough times a week to get back on target and not lose any time.

This flu I am getting over has been the longest I’ve gone without running. So to prevent any injury I will slowly get back in the rhythm, In this past training month I was able to test out the Huma Gel. I had them after mile 5, right before I start to feel slow and tired. They tasted GREAT!!! I LOVED the Huma Gels. It kept my energy from falling and kept me from feeling sluggish! They are a fantastic all natural energy gel you should all give a try.


Huma Chia Energy Gels are ALL natural. It has 100% natural fruits, and has grounded up chia seeds which is my favorite part because having it, is a steady release of energy. You don’t have that sugar spike problem. It is also VERY easy on the tummy.

The flavors were delicious!!! The most common flavor I run into with gels is vanilla, I am not a fan of it! Yuck! I will only eat the gel if I have to but I am not a fan of the flavor. The Huma energy gels were so good because the flavors were natural!!! It felt like I was eating an apple, and some strawberry puree. So yummy!


So far, with all the gels I have tried, the Huma Chia Energy Gels is on my favorite top 2 list! Head on over to http://www.humagel.com and read more detailed information in it. You can also search for the nearest location that sells the gel.

Now that I am getting over this loooong bug, I am headed back to the trails! I need to get more training miles in as the BIG day is rapidly approaching. I have already started working on our costumes for the race. And as many of you know, I have also signed up for the inaugural runDisney 10K a day before the marathon….crazy???? YES I AM!!! I fully intended to enjoy every mile that I will have to run that weekend. I am GREATLY enjoying this journey I am on, and I have a strong feeling this will not be my last marathon.


Thank you all for sticking around and supporting me as I run towards my dreams!! The running community is the most unified sport there is! We all come together, help each other out, and run together as one big team! Runners are the best athletes to be!!

-cheetah g


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