Do you own a Fitletic?

Fitletic is a great company that all runners should be familiar with. They have an awesome way for you to run comfortably. They started Fitletic in 2008, and have created an effective way to carry your keys, money, wallet and cell phones without it effecting your performance.


Fitletic makes sports belts for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. They have several different belts: from race bib holders, neoprene pouch with race bib holders, to hydration belt.

I am the proud owner of two of their styles but my favorite and most useful is the 16oz Hydration Belt


These belts are a great tool that all long distant runners should have. One thing that I LOVE about it, IT DOESN’T BOUNCE!!! Even with the two bottles full of my running fuel, this belt stays put! I have tried other belts and they are all over the place but this one is perfect!

Some other GREAT points of this style belt:

  • It contours to your body to prevent bouncing.
  • Water resistant neoprene pockets for your phone and accessory(fits most phones including the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4)
  • very visible reflectors
  • Soft dual adjustable straps
  • Two Quick-Draw Bottle Holsters with Two 8 oz flasks with Quick-Flow Race Caps(BPA Free/Dishwater Safe)
  • Two outside energy gel loops
  • It comes in two size, small/medium and large
  • Race bib holder
In here I carry my big Galaxy S4, money, some gels, and my keys!

This belt I totally recommend for other runners who want to carry your essentials with you but can’t find a comfortable belt. This is the one to have!!!

A little fact about them, they were the official running belt for runDisney and be endorsed by legendary runner, Jeff Galloway, 2010 to 2013! I did see tons of these belts on runners at the Walt Disney World Half Marathon 😉 I will be proudly wearing mine at the Walt Disney World Full Marathon that is just weeks away!!!

They do have a variety of belts to choose from if this belt is too much. There are some just for energy gels with 6 exterior loops, and just a mini sports belt to hold your stuff while you run.


I wear the Hydration Belt on my long training runs and it’s perfect, because I don’t have to worry about finding a water fountain to take an energy gel or just to hydrate myself. I sometimes drink Gatorade on my runs but prefer water. Having the water already on me makes things so much easier! I used to have to time when I was by the water fountains to take an energy gels, since you need to drink something with it. But by he time I would reach the water stops I am already tired and out of energy. This belt just changes that!

I also run with music, I have the huge Galaxy S4 and it fits comfortably in the pouch. It’s excellent because my sweating doesn’t get into the pouch! I carry my ID my keys and my phone. It all fits in the Fitletic with no problem!!! I love my belt and I think you should all take a look at all the designs they offer on their website:

They sell them in some running stores, and at some big race expos they are also there. The staff is very friendly and answers any questions or concerns you may have. I have talked to them several times at runDisney. Give Fitletic a try, I know I went through a few belts until I found one that didn’t bounce and this was it. Like I said, I own two, and both of them stay put. It’s a perfect gift for a runner. It’s worth it. TRUST me! =)


Check them out at

-cheetah g


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