Do you ever need an Island Boost?


Island Boost is quick power on energy to fuel you during your run or activity. It isn’t a gel, it isn’t a gummy, it’s like a shot of fresh fruit! It is the fastest way to get energy. It delivers electrolytes to your muscles and prevents muscle cramping. It has no GMO, Gluten free, and it’s vegan!!!

The GREAT thing about Island Boost, is that you don’t need to take it like other energy gels, every 20 minutes. You can take Island Boost at the moment you need energy! It works that fast! You don’t have to take it repeatedly at certain times but you can.

I used Island Boost while I trained for my marathon and it gave me the jolt of energy I needed to finish my training miles.


The flavors I tried where Aspire, and Passion. Both were easy on the stomach with great taste! The main thing I liked about Island Boost is that it wasn’t the heavy thick gels, it was liquid!!!!! So easy and refreshing!!! I took it halfway through on one of my long runs, and it didn’t hit my stomach. Sometimes when I take the other gels, its to thick and heavy it gives me cramps but Island Boost was GREAT! You all should totally try it out!!!

It also is awesome because you don’t need water or gatorade to wash it down! The reason it works so fast because it’s  formulated with glucose, the fastest energy source that is absorbed into the bloodstream quicker to fuel muscles. And if you are out running on a hot day, you can even freeze an Island Boost and take it frozen! It will refresh your system. The energy in Island Boost is absorbed into the blood stream at more than double the rate the body can produce by breaking down stored energy or by digesting food on the go.


It worked just as it says it does, no artificial flavors, natural and a great way to boost your energy. I was happy about the results and how it made me feel. I didn’t feel tired or tanked out. It kept me steady for my training miles. The flavors were excellent and true to its claim, tasted fresh!

For more information on where to order, or what retailers sell it you can check their site at:


3 thoughts on “Do you ever need an Island Boost?

  1. Thank you for the terrific review! Someone in GERMANY wrote to us asking about Island Boost. I asked how they found out about us in the US and they sent me this link. Wow! You’re an international blogging superstar!

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