Create your own racing experience!!


Many of us runners like to wear fun, sweet, sarcastic quotes on our shirts when we run. Especially when we are running a race! Those shirts come in handy when I am tired and have a lot left to go! I read and keep me distracted! LOL

Race Ragz is the place to go!!! They are a company who has dry fit shirts of all kinds and you can customize how you want it! From singlets, tech tees, to long-sleeved running shirts. They have over 700 designs already made that you can choose from, or you can upload one of your own.

Some of the designs they have already

There is no minimum order in case you needed just one shirts. But another cool things is that they also make team shirts. I know many of you have teams, or run for charity and want to show your support, well Race Ragz has an awesome way of doing that. Each person can pick their own style of shirt and just order the same logo on each one!

I ordered a white long-sleeved shirt. It is my FAVORITE running shirt. It fits its size, which is a major plus. I have ordered shirts elsewhere  and the small sizes are either too small or too big. I’ve noticed that is a common problem with tech tees. But my Race Ragz  fits true to its size.

I did a custom order on mine:

Runner Unleashed custom Race Ragz

I love my Race Ragz dry fit running shirts! It fits great, and even though it’s white,  it’s not see through! I wear many different color bras underneath and they don’t show 😉  They only offer white shirts because they dye your graphics into the fabric of the shirt so that the shirt retains all of the performance capabilities to wick sweat and breathe.

Another key fact with this GREAT company is that they give back!!!!! Race Ragz donates 1% of it’s net proceeds to various charitable organizations. Seriously?? Why haven’t you checked them out yet!?!?!?

Head on over to their site and check out their options and find the perfect shirt for you! They have so many pre made designs that I am SURE you will find one that suits you!


With that said… is YOUR chance to win a custom shirt of your own!!!! I am doing a Race Rags GIVEAWAY!!



1.- like Runner Unleashed on FB and follow Runner Unleashed on Twitter

2.- like Race Ragz on FB and let them know Runner Unleashed sent you,and follow on Twitter Race Ragz

3.- Comment on THIS BLOG POST that you have done both and what you would do on your shirt.

I will randomly pick a winner on Friday, February 7th.


WHAT DO YOU WIN? A shirt style of your choice with one of their designs, or one EXACTLY like mine above, or you can make your own!!! You can do whatever you want! You win (1) shirt with a design/costume of your choice!

-cheetah g


23 thoughts on “Create your own racing experience!!

  1. Hey love this post…thanks for the info and share. I personally like’s 10k Warm Up. This was perfect timing as a friend of mine was talking about making a personalized race shirt for she and her hubby for an upcoming half this year and on their anniversary!! So she wanted a shirt that could express what they were doing. Thanks!

  2. You are such a positive influence, plus there is so many designs how could you choose just one? I would love to design a shirt for myself and my “ch”ear” squad for the WDW marathon next year!

  3. Did all the steps.

    I’d most likely get anything 26.2. I’m so proud for finishing my first marathon at Disney. One I never thought was possible. I DID IT and beat the odds. It’s a mental game. My body won over my mind. 🙂

  4. I think I would do “Ask your Doctor if getting off your ass is right for you”, but I haven’t gone through all of them yet!
    Either that or a custom design my mom made for the death of her mother that says “running with an Angel for ear, nose, and throat cancer”.

  5. Well I already had you liked! Now I have both on Facebook and Twitter! I have several ideas for a shirt, but if I win, I’d like to let my wife design a shirt for herself! That’d be a cool valentines day gift! So be sure and pick me! 😊

  6. I followed and liked both.
    My sister and I are running our first half next month. I want to get us both shirts that say “13.1 miles of peace and quiet” because we are both mothers of little loud children.

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