Are you a choc-aholic???

If you love running and love chocolate I have the thing for you!!!! There is a great racing series called The Chocolate 5K  that is hosted by NR Road Racing that you should all do! It’s coming to Orlando on February 15, 2014 on a beautiful scenic route! I run on that trail often and having this race come to this area is going to be awesome!


NR Road Racing is the host to several race series, but the Chocolate 5K is the sweetest 😉 It is a non timed 3.1 miles race around Blanchard Park. Compliments of NR Road Racing, they will be handing out Ghirardelli chocolates, and water of course along the way and the long-lost, blast from the past, Choc-ola!


It’s perfect for some family fun! You can bring your kids and strollers, kids under 6 are free! It is definitely a race that any and everyone can enjoy. You get a The Chocolate 5K race shirt, chocolates all around, beautiful scenery, and memorable times with your family and friends!!

What isn’t there to love about this race?!?!?!


Another cool thing about this race, is that hosted charity is  Kerosene Lamp Foundation (KLF). KLF lights the way forward for the next generation, promoting education (literacy in particular) and health awareness, mentoring student athletes, providing free Athletics & Academics Camps, and building/refurbishing community basketball courts and playgrounds.


For more information on The Chocolate 5K head on over to the website: to register for the race click HERE.

You can also check them out on Facebook NR Road Racing

and twitter NR Road Racing

You’ll get up to date information on upcoming events and stay in touch with the series!

Join me as I will be running this race and enjoying the fun and of course all the chocolate! yum! =D I would love to meet you all there! It would be a great fun time running, walking, hoping, jumping, being active together!

Chocolate lovers and running UNITE!

-cheetah g


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