Are you Running on the wall yet!!!

We are still in Winter, and looks like it isn’t going away anytime soon! Here in Florida, it doesn’t get as cold or snowy like the rest of the U.S. With that rare winter storm that recently rolled by the coldest we felt was 30 degrees. That was TOO cold for me! Needless to say, I didn’t run outside I took it to the treadmill 😉

There are some days where it’s cool and perfect outside but I still get a little cold. But I found the PERFECT solution for that. ARM WARMERS from Running on the Wall! I wear my arm warmer often when its cool outside and my arms start getting cold. I LOVE them because they also have thumb holes! <~~ my latest addiction.


They have several colors, like grey, black, pink and blue. They all have different motivation quotes on them which I think is pretty awesome. They are super comfortable and light. They don’t bother me at all, they don’t even slip!!

mine obviously say my motto on them 😉


Another great thing I love about these arm warmers is that even if you sweat they don’t weigh you down or get uncomfortable. And since it can start off with real cool weather then suddenly  get hot, you can slip your sleeves right off and hang them on your waist or loop them through your hydration belt! These sleeves are the best and totally recommend you get a pair!!!

Running on the wall also has TONS of runner goodies! They have medal hangers, car decals, race bib holders, necklaces and more. It is a PERFECT gift for Valentine’s day! It is the best way to make a runner happy 😉 Here are some of the gifts they offer:

Click here to see everything on their website.


They also have a great interactive FB page, where they do many giveaways, make sure you head on over and check them out Running On The Wall Facebook page. They have great stuff any runner would love, with great motivation quotes, to keep your racing memories out for others to see! Stop by and take a look at ALL the stuff they have on their website.

-cheetah g


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