KIAVA is comfort!

So having Scoliosis as a runner includes many challenges that aren’t just pain. Problems breathing, sitting, among other serious issues also includes finding the perfect running bra!!!


Yes! It is a major problem for me. Because my left shoulder is A LOT higher than my right. Since my spine curves almost like an “S” shape it makes wearing some clothing uncomfortable. I have to wear adjustable straps to be comfortable and most of them just pinch my left shoulder and cause a lot of pressure making it painful.

Most of the adjustable bras are for low impact workouts, they don’t hold me in šŸ˜‰ So what I end up doing is wearing two bras at a time to keep my puppies in tight.

I came across a wonderfully growing company that makes this amazing looking running bras.


Kiava makes unique athletic clothing for women. They have bold beautiful colored bras. They have skorts, hoodies, and Ā capris, Oh My! The endurance bra, which is the one I have is very different from other running bras I have seen. It has this unique crisscross design on the back that looks so awesome, it even makes my back look pretty!

It is designed for high impact sports like running, and has light lining and isn’t padded which I LOVE! ItĀ is made of a four-way stretch fabric that adds support.Ā  There is a thin lining, but no additional padding. Ā But if you do like to have the padding in, there is space within the lining where additional padding may be inserted, but padding is not included with the bra.


The bras that I have tried that are for high impact pinch me and bad! I am talking about the very expensive brand name running bras. But I am happy to say this Kiava bra was a great fit. It is comfortable, light, and holds me in without pinching. I was able to do a couple long distance running and felt super comfortable.


Kiava has this fantastic assortment of colors and styles to make you feel comfortable and fun while you sweat! Their unique designs will compliment your curves so you feel strong and beautiful!


Make sure you stop by their site and check out their selections. The endurance bra I have isĀ super comfortable to wear, I love the grey color as I can just throw any top over it, and it fit like it was made for me. I will be getting more bras from Kiava, as a Scoliosis runner find a good bra is like finding gold!


-cheetah g


6 thoughts on “KIAVA is comfort!

  1. The endurance bra looks awesome, I had to order one. I also sent them a message on Facebook to let them know I found them all because of you, thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Oh yes! I LOVE LOVE Kiava bras! It isn’t easy finding a good one, let alone one for my condition. I have my eye on the purple one I soon hope to get! love it!

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