No accomplishment is too small!

Many of you have asked me where to get those tags I wear on my shoes. They are Shubeez! For those that don’t know, they are these awesome little tags to wear on your shoes that display distances, logos, or charities. You can have a custom order made or just chose one of their awesome shubeez!


I have a few of them and have one on every pair of shoes I own. I have 2 sets of the Run for Boston set. I feel weird running without my shubeez! LOL Weird I know. But they do make for great gifts for ANY runner! It’s a great way to show your support, a great Birthday gift, just because, or a great stocking stuffer 😉

If you have a company run and want to get your employees involved, ask about a custom company logo on it! So many others have done it and the runners receiving the gifts loved it.




Head on over and check them out! They have a fantastic site where you can see what they have.




-cheetah g


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