Run your wall

As an avid runner, I participate in a lot of races throughout the year. Mostly run Disney races but I do A LOT of 5Ks offered by my favorite local running store Track Shack. With that comes a lot of bibs and medals! I have a pretty big medal hanger already and its overflowing with medals. I had made a special box to put my racing stuff like my bibs in. But I wanted to display all my accomplishments.

I know of many runners who just keep their bibs and medals in a drawer somewhere in their home. I am super proud of each and every finish line I cross so I want to display my hard work!! Being that according to many, I’m “too weak” to handle running, this is a reminder than I am strong enough to do what I love!!

Have you all heard of logo


They are my favorite site to get running accessories from!!! They have medal holders, bib  displays, shirts, arm warmers, necklaces…Oh so much!!!! You can order things with custom messages and they make great gifts for ALL runners!

My latest item to come from Running on the wall is my latest medal/bib display! This is probably my most favorite right now!

medal/bib display

I ordered it in my signature purple and had my signature quote on there! It’s perfect because I can hang my medals and my bibs together! I didn’t really have a place to put my bibs before, now they are proudly next to my medals!

It fits in perfectly on my wall between my most memorable race photos. I am very happy with my new way to display my accomplishments!

Other options from their site

Head on over to Running on the wall and check out ALL the fantastic products they have. I just put my medal and bib display up on the wall and I can’t be happier =) It came out better than I expected and they truly are a wonderful company to work with.

My 2nd wall of accomplishments!


Check them out for all your running accessory needs!!! They are truly the best at making a runner feel great!


-cheetah g




3 thoughts on “Run your wall

  1. So funny you post this. As I was cleaning up the house today, I was completely freaking out about how I’m gonna display my bling – love this, and I will definitely have to pay their site a visit!

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