Fluids, hydration, and more!

Whenever we are out running, we know the one of the most important things is to stay hydrated. We all have our own way of hydration, and prefer some drinks to others. I rely a lot on my fluids to get me going through a run. Since I am not the best eater(picky) I make sure that what I drink will help give me energy, and help restore my body quicker.



Before I head out for a run, depending on the distance, I usually start hydrating the day before. Mostly just water, but right before my run I like to enjoy a nice cup of green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea:

Packed with anti-oxidants

-Speeds up metabolism

-Natural energy booster

-Keeps your bones healthy

I have many cups of green tea throughout my days but I noticed that by having green tea sometime before I head out for a run has helped keep my energy up. Since it is full of catechins(anti-oxidant), research has shown that is reduces muscle damage and speeds up recovery time.


Water is also a must for before, during, and after a run. Since sports drinks have a lot of sugar, it does give me cramps while running so water is my go to mid-run hydration.

Benefits of Water

– Calorie-free

– helps with weight loss

– better skin

– helps rid body of toxins

-aids muscles

I love my water, and usually have a bottle of water, not more than an arm length away from me at all times. I drink water for hydration when I am running 10 miles or less. Since we lose so much when we run, we need to replenish it to keep us running strong and to our finish line goals. At this point I either eat an energy gel or drink something with lots of electrolytes, like Gatorade.

Benefits of Sports Drinks(lots of sugar)

– Full of electrolytes

-Lots of Carbohydrates

-Lots of sodium

-Helps balance blood sugar levels

On race days, I usually take turns with what I am drinking. At some hydration stops I drink water, and then next one I alternate with a sports drinks. As the sports drink are heavy on my tummy, alternating with water helps balance it out.


Another great form of hydration is drinking coconut water! I LOVE coconut water! It’s so refreshing and tasty, especially after a long hot run. While coconut water is full of potassium it keeps muscles working beautifully, just doesn’t have as much sodium as a sports drink would have which we need to prevent those nasty muscle cramps!

Benefits of Coconut Water

– Packed with Potassium

-Lots of carbohydrates

-Plenty of electrolytes

-Boosts metabolism

-Lots of magnesium

A particular coconut water I enjoy is cocogo! It’s these awesome little hydration packs of coconut water and fruits! It’s perfect for these VERY hot Summer days and it hits the spot!


A GREAT post run drink is Chocolate milk!!! So yummy and feels so satisfying post run! Since it has lots of nutrients we need to help restore our body post run, this is an excellent choice.  Our muscles need the protein to recover and the vitamin D to protect our bones.

Benefits of Chocolate Milk post-run:

– Full of vitamin D

– Protein Powerhouse

-Lots of carbohydrates

-Helps speed up recovery

-Helps repair damaged muscle


One thing that I added to my must have post run fluid is Vega Sport recovery accelerator. I was recently introduced to it and been using it since. I have seen a noticeable difference in the length of my recovery time. I drink it immediately after a long run. Try it if you haven’t!!

Benefits of Vega Sport recovery accelerator:

– Reduces inflammation

– Restores energy levels

– Packed with nutrients and supplements

– All natural, plant-based

– Dairy, Gluten, and Soy free



Many of us have our own preferred fluids, but these are the most common. These are effective ways to hydrate, whether it’s just to keep you cool, prevention from dehydration, or to restore your body from the lost nutrients while running. We all need some fluids!

-cheetah g




4 thoughts on “Fluids, hydration, and more!

  1. I have started training for my first half, normally when i run 10km I have just relied on water, a little bit of coke during and after the race. But with my first half marathon I am going to have to seriously look at what works and doesn’t work in terms of refueling and staying hydrated. I loved your breakdown on all the options, definitely love chocolate milk as a post race drink! 🙂

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