Pace yourself, you’ll get there.

Most of us runners have a goal, whether it’s to lose weight, become faster, or simply finish a race. For those that are trying to cross the finish line in a certain time, there is a VERY easy way to keep yourself on track. To finish a race at a target finish, one has to run each mile at a specific pace. It gets a little hard to memorize what pace you should be at for each mile. Some write it on their arms, or carry a piece of paper with the times on it. But there is an easier, much more effective way. Wear a Paceband!!!!



These rubber bands come in many colors with different finish times. They have from 5K times to marathon times. You can order yours with your desired finish time and it will help keep you focused and on track while you race.



I have been training with mine to keep up my time. It has come in VERY handy where I don’t spend my run doing math trying to figure out what my finish time will be. It’s all there on the band! I love these Pacebands because they are rubber with large numbers that are easy to read. It’s hard to rely on a piece of paper that can get wet with rain or one of those pace tattoos that rub off with sweat. These bands are big, easy to follow and make sure you are going steady.

Even one of the most known runners, Ryan Hall uses a paceband when he races!



I am training for 3 races. But I am trying to go for a 2:45 PR for my next half marathon, The runDisney Wine and Dine half marathon in November. I have been training with my paceband on and it has helped me a lot. Time is one less thing I have to worry about. Each mile I check the band and make sure I am on target and I have been!!! I love my paceband and once I get better with the full I will start going for time and you can bet I will be using a paceband to get me to that finish line!


Make sure you head on over to Pacebands and get more information on their bands and how to get your hands on one for your next race! 😉



-cheetah g





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