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How many of you wear compression socks or sleeves while you run? Do you use it for recovery? Even though some might say compression gear might be more in our heads than actually effective, I use them as part of my recovery. I used to run with compression sleeves on my calves but I noticed too much constriction in my legs making them feel heavy and stiff. I now use them as part of my recovery process when I am not wearing KT Tape.

There are many uses for compression sleeves/socks, other than just wearing a bright color on your legs. It’s said to improve blood circulation, speed up recovery, and give you support while running. It also helps keep your legs warm on those cool days that wearing tights is too much. They are also a MUST HAVE accessory for those traveling and sitting for long hours at a time.

As I said I wear compression sleeves on my calves for post-run recovery purposes. I have found some GREAT fun, effective compression sleeves!! CRAZY COMPRESSION!!!!



I love these because they are SUPER comfortable!! Just the right amount of compression without hurting like other brands I’ve tried. One thing I really like about these is that it comes in sooo many different designs!!! It’s a great way to express yourself!

I know many of you, like myself, like to have fun while running. This is a fun way to express your silly, patriotic, rocker, colorful, retro side. 😉 Crazy Compression has an array of design options, with a custom design option too! I had the opportunity of trying out the Diamonds purple calf sleeves and I LOVE it!



I’ve been dealing with a tight sore calf for a few days. I have been icing it and using my Crazy Compression sleeves and boy does it feel better! I love the support it has and you can feel the “hug” it gives your calf.



Take a moment and head over to their site,Crazy Compression and check out their HUGE selection of designs. They are perfect for those of you who dress up in costume for races, or just simply wanting to add some fun to your gear!



-cheetah g


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