Bring on the Happy!

As some of you might know I am happy to say that I am a Bashful Bliss Ambassador! I am so excited to be working with such a great local company!

Let me tell you a little bit about them….Tara whom I met and is as cool as can be, is the founder and designer behind b2(Bashful Bliss) She started the company some years back and is known and sold all over the U.S. She has lots of positive, motivational, t-shirts, necklaces, rings, pillows, bags…amazing stuff!



A great thing about Bashful Bliss that I think is just awesome is that they give back on their sales. The Bashful Bliss Gives Back Division will create custom necklaces, tanks, bags, whatever you want to help raise money for your organizations. Another great thing…they GIVE BACK 50%….yes 50% back with every order!!!!! I think that is awesome and shows that this company isn’t totally focused on selling but helping others in need.

Bashful Bliss Gives Back
Bashful Bliss Gives Back

As an a new ambassador to the company, I will be able to provide you with any info you may need and you can use gelcys2015 as a special code you can use at check out for free shipping!

Feel free to check out the website and look around! Lot’s of colorful, fun, positive stuff there! It’s worth a nice look!



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