“I just felt like running.” -Forest Gump


I took upon the latest virtual race challenge that I’ve come across. It’s the Classic 15K I decided to go for a little run from Running on the wall.

I enjoy doing virtual races as it keeps my training fun. It gives me something to look forward too and adds a little change in the training. I know many who train and get bored or get stuck in plateau. Finding virtual races can certainly add some excitement, especially if it comes with some nice rewards like this one:

Yes that is bar of chocolate!

I have done many in the past to benefit charities, but this one was for fun. Since this one is a 15K distance, I broke the race into parts. I am going to run a 5K a day for 3 days. It makes it fun and challenging at the same time.


Today I ran the first 5K on the treadmill. Still nursing some lingering knee pain, I feel its safer for me to run at home. I ran at an easy 10:54 pace and completed the 1st day of this challenge. I had no problems running today, NO PAIN! Which is rare?!?! But I did and I didn’t have any KT Tape on! GASP! Shocker I know LOL!

I am also heavily dependent on the Vega Sport line as it has been fueling my achy sore muscles. It gives me everything I need to help recover and to restore all the nutrients I lose while running. I have been using this for years now and will continue to do so. It has made me a stronger, faster, better runner. I love it!



When you sign up, you get your own bib number

I am pretty sure you can still sign up for this race if you are interested. Race day is March 29, but with virtual races you can do them at your leisure. Many split them up, walk them, run them, or do it all in one shot. Feel free to check this one out.

Here are the links to where the race info is posted:

Facebook Event

Facebook Page

Running on the wall virtual race sign up


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