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Ask and you shall receive! I told you all I was working on something special for you all! I got many emails and comments about what Vega Sport is and how it helps and discount codes and my oh my. For those that aren’t aware, Vega Sport is a clean, plant-based, natural, three-stage nutrition System. It was made specifically to help athletes perform at their best—before, during, and after training and competition.

You have the Pre-Workout Energizer which gives you immediate and sustains energy. It is a unique blend of 12 synergistic plant-based performance-improving ingredients, like green tea, and coconut oil to increase endurance and enhance your mental focus.


For sustain energy, there is the Electrolyte Hydrator which is an alkaline drink mix giving you all the nutrients needed to keep you hydrated while you run.


And for Recovery there is the Recovery Accelerator which is a recovery drink mix specifically developed to address post-workout recovery. It delivers a 4-to-1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein for optimal muscle glycogen replenishment. Also reducing inflammation, muscle and joint pain, and reduces recovery time.


For recovery, there also is the Performance Protein which is a multisource, plant-based protein powder, featuring 25 grams of complete protein, 5,000mg of BCAAs and 5,000mg of glutamine per serving. It improves strength and performance, and helps build and repair muscles.


These are just a few from the Vega Sport line. There are much more to choose from like gels and bars. But these are the ones I use with every run. I alternate the performance protein with the recovery accelerator. Depending on how my run went. They also taste really good and I LOVE that everything is plant-based and you can make shakes with them!


As you can see and many of you have noticed that I use it all the time. I have been using Vega Sport for almost 2 years now and I have noticed a dramatic change in my performance and recovery time. As a back of the pack runner, and prone to injuries this made things easier. I used to run 12-13 minutes pace and needed about 3 to 4 days in between runs to fully recover from pain. I now run comfortably 9-10 minutes pace and my run days can be back to back with no pain. (With exception to my back obviously)

Now…to those of you who have used it and love it and those of you that are curious..I have a discount code for you!!! I had gotten many messages and comments about a discount code and here it is =) VEGA DISCOUNT CODE:  RUNNERUNLEASHED20 it gives you 20% off AND free shipping! Like I said, ask and you shall receive!

But WAIT…THERE’S MORE…..a GIVEAWAY! While you can still use the discount code until June 26th, you can also enter my Vega Sport Half Marathon training kit(value $184)

vegagiveawayThis giveaway is pretty big. It includes everything you see in the photo! ALl the right nutrients to help you with training and leading you to a great half marathon race! The before, during, and after for better performance and faster recovery time! It will definitely be something your sore achy muscles don’t want to miss!

How to enter:


The GIVEAWAY ends on Friday, June 26th and is open to the U.S. and Canada only. I will randomly pick a winner off the comments on this blog post.

If you don’t want to wait, feel free to use the discount code RUNNERUNLEASHED20 that is valid until June 26th as well.

They also have FREE fueling plans. You can check out their different plans from running to strengthening to help you properly train and have the right nutrition for your goal. It’s the best way to fuel your better 😉

Click here
Click here


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Good luck to all entering the giveaway! Feel free to share with your friends.



38 responses to “Powered by Vega Sport”

  1. Suz's Adventures Avatar

    If I were to win, I’m most looking forward to trying the Electrolyte Hydrator. I’m terrible about drinking water (I am getting better with it) and realized that it’s definitely affected my performance in the past. I’m curious how this might help out in addition to drinking more water.

    I followed you on social media and liked Vega on FB. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway and sharing your experience with the products!

  2. The Freckled Runner Avatar

    Hi! If I were to win, I would be most excited to try the Performance Protein. As a newly transitioned vegetarian (I guess the correct term for me is pescetarian.. for now!) who is in the process of going full plant-based, I’m always looking for ways to add more protein into my diet. I’m not the best at post workout fueling and think this might be my ticket to getting into a good routine. I’ve been wanting to Vega Sport for a while but just haven’t committed. I’ve noticed a huge impact on my performance & recovery times since going veg. When you say that you’ve noticed a dramatic change since using the Vega products, it makes me excited to if I could improve my performance & recovery times even more. I’m running Chicago in October and looking to get a PR!!

    I’ve followed you on all your social media accounts as well as liked Vega on facebook.

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  3. Monica Avatar

    If I win I’d be most excited about trying the Recovery Accelerator! I’m also following you on FB and IG!

  4. Sarah VT Avatar
    Sarah VT

    I’m most looking forward to what you said about helping with pain. I have a lot of pain and muscle issues and to be able to train for my half better, with less pain, fewer issues, would be amazing. And to have something more natural, plant-based is even better!!
    I already follow you here, Twitter, and FB (no Instagram :-() and now liked Vega on FB!! Woo hoo!

  5. rilla6969 Avatar

    I’d be most interested in trying the performance protein. I’m always looking for a way to reduce recovery time so I can get more hard workouts in. I’m following your blog, Instagram, and twitter, as well as your progress!

  6. Rebecca Avatar

    Honestly, I’d love to try any of it. I’m a 12-13 miler, so I’d love ANYTHING that would make me run faster.

  7. Kim Avatar

    I would love to try this. I started running after I had my first child after never being a runner growing up. I fell in love with running half marathons. Well now after I had my second child (who is almost 2) I’ve started to lose my love of running. I am about 4 min/mile slower than before I had this lil guy and just can’t seem to speed up. I would love if I could find something that could help me get back into “my” pace and help me love running again! I have dreams of someday running an ultra!!!

    I already follow you on FB and also follow Vega now!

  8. tab1975 Avatar

    Hi! I would be most excited to try the pre workout energizer. As I an just getting into long distance running (training for my first half – the WDW Princess!) I am now beginning to experiment with beans, gels, and blocks. This sounds amazing!

    Either way, from your description, I am excited about giving Vega a try. Longer I run, the slower I seem to get and I REALLY crave the speed!

    I follow you on FB and Twitter, and now follow Vega on FB!

  9. Laura Erwin Avatar
    Laura Erwin

    If I were to win I would be most excited about the recovery protein but would enjoy all the products. I have tried their pre-work drink and really like the energy.

    I already follow you on social media and like Vega on FB

  10. Alicia (runswithwings)Madsen Avatar
    Alicia (runswithwings)Madsen

    When I win I would be most excited to try the pre work out energized. There are days that I don’t want to go for a run because I am so physically drained from the day. I have gotten better at going out anyway, but so feel having this would help give me that extra push. I have already followed you on instagram, FB, and twitter. I have also like Vega on FB.

  11. Christine Avatar

    I would love to try the sport pre-workout energizer. I love their protein powder as I’m vegan, but have yet to try their other products. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I know all the items would help in me while I train for my first marathon. 🙂 I follow you on fb, have subscribed to follow your blog & I found vega on fb and follow them now too. Thanks for the chance!!!! You’re such an inspiration. ❤

  12. mackenzie Avatar

    Hi! If I were to win I would be most excited about the pre workout. I work all day and could really use the after work to pump me up for the gym!

    Already follow you on social media and I put it in the comment.

  13. Christine Avatar

    Looking forward to trying the pre-workout energizer. Seems like a unique product.

  14. Don Avatar

    I’d like to try the energizer. I do a or of early morning runs and workouts, so I could use some extra energy to get going.
    I follow you on FB and Instagram and followed Vega on FB.

  15. Linda Parker Avatar

    I’d love to have the opportunity to try the recovery protein … well all of it, but I had to say one thing!! I follow you where ever you go! 🙂 And Vega too!

  16. Jessica Wilson Avatar
    Jessica Wilson

    I would be excited to try all of it, but especially the protein! I already follow you on FB and find inspiration in your posts 🙂 and just started following Vega!

  17. joanne crane Avatar
    joanne crane

    I struggle to run any sort of distance at the momemt ad I have problems witj my sciatic nerve. If I win I look forward to using it help me get through the training for my first marathon in october

  18. Natalie Youtsey (keep.smyelin.runner) Avatar
    Natalie Youtsey (keep.smyelin.runner)

    Hello!! This giveaway rocks. If I won I would be most excited to try the pre-workout energizer, because sometimes I’m just not mentally ready to run and I would love to just have that little extra push to get me going. I currently follow you on Facebook and also Instagram. (IG and FB as keep.smyelin.runner) Thank you for the inspiration and amazing opportunity.

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Hey! I had to pick another winner and your name was chosen! Please email me your info within 24 hours. I’ll pass it along =) gelcys@runnerunleashed.com

  19. Running For Today Avatar

    I have always wanted to try vega as I have heard nothing but great things about it!

  20. Running For Today Avatar

    I have always wanted to try vega as I have heard nothing but great things about their products!

  21. Randi Avatar

    If I won, I would look forward to trying the hydrator! It’s getting hot here and being dehydrated is bad for training!

  22. Angela (@MoveOverMS) Avatar
    Angela (@MoveOverMS)

    I think the Recovery Accelerator would be most beneficial to me, as I have multiple sclerosis and one of the symptoms I have the most difficulty with is fatigue/lassitude, and this seems like it might be quite useful for combating this symptom!

    Too, I think the pre-workout Energizer could help on those days when fatigue/lassitude conspires to hinder getting in my daily 5 miles (it helps to have a goal/target so I don’t give in to the limitations of the disease).

    Ideally, I’d bookend both of these products and use the rest of the half marathon training kit (like the electrolytes to help address Uhtoff’s phenomenon, which is a heat response that worsens neurological challenges in MS) to solidify performance, health, and nutrition goals.

    I follow you on Facebook and Twitter, because you never cease to amaze and inspire me. We can overcome together!!

  23. Krystal W Avatar
    Krystal W

    I would be most excited for the electrolyte hydrator. I’m traing for my first half marathon and it has been difficult to figure out what works and what doesn’t during my long runs!
    *followed blog and on instagram/Facebook

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Congratulations you won. Please email me your info so I can pass it along to Vega and they can get that right out to you. Thanks for entering. gelcys@runnerunleashed.com

      1. runner unleashed Avatar
        runner unleashed

        Please respond within the next 24 hours. =)

      2. runner unleashed Avatar
        runner unleashed

        I’m picking another winner. I never heard from you =(

  24. Debbi Avatar

    I am most excited to try the hydrator. I have tried so many different things but just haven’t found a good fit for me. I’m hoping this is it. I was hoping to meet you at the Echo Half but I struggled so bad with the heat and humidity that day. I’m hoping to never have a repeat of that race!
    I follow you on FB and Instagram, you continue to inspire me every day.

  25. trevorellestad Avatar

    Awesome! Love all your support!! YAY Contests!!

  26. trevorellestad Avatar

    Woop Woop! You’re the best!

  27. Traci Avatar

    I’ve heard so many people rave about the Vega products so I’m curious to try them. First on my list would be the pre-workout accelerator. Sounds like something I need!

  28. Kate Avatar

    I’ve never tried the pre-workout energizer, so that’s what I’d be most looking forward to.

  29. Kippes Avatar

    I’m a huge Vega and Brendan Brazier fan. My wife and I drink a green smoothie EVERY night, it’s the best high nutrition density meal option and takes the stress of a meal decision out of the mix. It’s like drinking rocket sauce for our next day’s workouts. If I win I will add these Vega products to my stash, fueled by plant power!

    Thanks to Vega’s tweet, I found your blog, followed it, and found you on Twitter.
    Great connection.
    The blender bottle graphics are bad arse!

  30. Rosa Avatar

    I’m looking forward to trying the recovery accelerator!

  31. Heather Lindsay Avatar
    Heather Lindsay

    I would love to try the protein. I also follow both of you and Vega on FB.

  32. SylviaG Avatar

    What a great contest!!! I’d love to try the whole system as a SYSTEM. I am a recovering injured runner who just started back to my 4 times a week 2 mile runs. I need as much organic non-chemical help that I can get 🙂 thanks so much for this opportunity!!!

  33. Christine Avatar

    I would love to try the performance protein! I want to help feed my body correctly as I run and don’t lose any weight. I love following you Facebook. I met you at last year’s OUC half! You rock! Thank you!

  34. Eve Hall Avatar
    Eve Hall

    If I win I look forward to trying the recovery formula. I am not too good about getting enough protein post run. Thanks! !!

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