This is just too good not to share with you all…There is a FUN-FILLED contest going on over at instagram.


You all are aware of American Tourister right? The BEST luggage and bags ever!! They are also the official luggage of Walt Disney World Resorts and Disneyland.


They are having a fun little campaign on instagram and how to participate is where the fun is at!! They want to see YOUR photos on how you PACK MORE FUN during this month. 1- You could have a chance to be featured in the photo gallery, and 2- You’ll receive a 25% off promo that you can use on their site! AND they will be rewarding some special surprises to those of you who pack a little EXTRA fun in your photos!

We all take photos, especially when packing for a fun-filled family trip. So why not post your photos to instagram to win? Share photos of your beach vacation, canoeing down a stream, or simply carrying your favorite American Tourister bag around! Whatever you are doing to have fun this July. By the way your luggage doesn’t have to be included in your photos, but couldn’t hurt 😉 Just so long as its fun and hashtag with #PackMoreFun you are in! Here are some fun photo examples


So start getting creative with your photos and start having fun! Post it on instagram and tag American Tourister with #PackMoreFun hashtag =) I’ll be looking out for your fun photos!


Enjoy your snapping!


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