Running Mad 100

This year has started off very mad to say the least. So you know I battle with my Scoliosis and most recently being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. There are still some questions unanswered with my health. I still have lots of pain and numbness down the left side of my neck, should, arm and hand. I have had a few more test done because I am also having some sort of black out attacks. It is a little scary and could stop anyone cold, but not me. I am still living my life as best I can, as normal as I can.

Some of the recent test did show I have some abnormalities growing in my brain and I do have some degenerative disc disease in my neck. There are some problems showing but nothing to get too crazy about. While it is concerning and more test and scans of my brain need to be done, I have to move on a bit more cautiously. I have to keep a diary and write down everything that happens to me every day. It will help my doctors find the cause or find the problem as to the problem in my brain and my neck.

Phew! That is heavy huh? Lots to taken in maybe? Believe it or not, it hasn’t gotten me down! While it wasn’t the diagnosis I wanted, I am glad they at least found something and are able to treat it. I am on a seizure medication to control my attacks and my headaches/migraines. I am still running and I am still doing everything I love!

Life's too short to be anything but happy

In the mist of all this I have going on, I was and still am running my mad miles alongside my teammates Alpha, and Janine. If you have no clue what I am talking about we are team Running Mad and we took on Run The Edge’s challenge to run 2,016 miles for 2016! Crazy? Mad? Sure we are, but we are having fun doing it! And I am PROUD and happy to say that our team has officially reached our first milestone!



WOOHOO!!! I am so excited four our team!!!! While we aren’t running them together, Alpha and I have tried to do so on occasion, and our family friend Janine has been kicking some asphalt some hundred miles away! I know one day all 3 of us will run together, or at least try to because when we are all together all we do is laugh. So at least we are working out our abs!


We have hit our first milestone and working towards the rest. We are working together as a team and helping each other out. Running isn’t just a sport, it brings people together. It helps you realize your true strength, brings friendships closer, and shows you what you are truly capable of. Taking on this challenge together as a team has brought us closer and has either helped keep our sanity or lost it…haven’t figured that out yet 😉 . I have a strong and unstoppable teammates and I know we are going to continue to ROCK this challenge!



RUN the 

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