runDisney’s Wine and Dine BIG update

If you follow runDisney on any social media sites, I am sure you heard about the latest news that exploded yesterday. Many people had A LOT to say about it. I’m conflicted yet excited about the change! Here is what happened:

runDisney announced some big changes to one of their most popular events, the Wine and Dine Half marathon weekend. It’s typically held around the first week of November with a kids race, a family 5K, and a night time half marathon with a post party at Epcot that involves lots of food and drinks.

Starting this year, they have added a 10K event! yay! A 10K distance is always popular. Many people like to take part in it, myself included.

Screenshot_2016-03-11-11-27-36-1 (1)
more info

It may be the typical 10K course through Epcot which is always fun. Lots of characters with lots of photos ops.

Another big change that seems to have shaken many is that the half marathon will no longer take place at night. It has now been switched to take place in the morning just as all their other races. You will be running through through ESPN Wide World of Sports, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. It’s a newer course no longer running through Hollywood Studios.

If you check out any runDisney forums or groups, you will see a lot of disgruntled comments and people outraged over this change. I did enjoy the fact that the half marathon took place at night. It made the race unique and a lot of fun. I am not sure as to why they changed it, maybe the weather affecting it the past few years maybe? I have no clue. But that is what’s going to happen now. What are your thoughts on this change?


Another cool and big change they have done for this event is add a challenge! I am pretty thrilled for this challenge actually and so is my husband being that he is a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan. They are calling it Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge, which is successfully running the Half marathon and the 10K earning you 3 medals total.

Screenshot_2016-03-11-11-27-52-1 (1)
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Disney in general has been making lots and lots of changes lately and I am not surprised that runDisney would to. I am ready for this event and delighted to run it! Can’t wait to run course by course 😉


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