Orlando Unleashed

I’d thought I’d introduce you all to the latest edition to my blog. I’m VERY excited for it and hope you are all excited and ready for it as well! Since you all know I live in Orlando, I get asked about what to do while visiting the city beautiful. So why don’t I make things easier for you all and keep you up to date??? That way you don’t have to search the internet for what to do while you are here visiting!

I introduce you to:

Orlando Unleashed

YAY! This area of the blog will feature anything new, or happening in and around my home town. From races, to them parks, events, and what resorts to stay at. I’m always asked about my recommendations on what to do and places to stay, so this way you all can see what I do and where I go. Orlando Unleashed does have an instagram page you are free to follow, as I post pictures of amazing places Orlando has.

While there is A LOT of stuff that will be happening in Orlando, I will not bombard you with it all, just the cool stuff 😉 Like this……

Here is a quick update on the latest release here. Universal Orlando closed down The Incredible Hulk last year to refurbish it and clean it up a bit. Yesterday they released the new ride vehicle and a new story line. I do like the new look of it and the new queue area that they released. The ride vehicle makes it look meaner. What do you think?

It’s supposed to open later this Summer.

Universal Orlando is also set to open Skull Island: Reign of Kong this Summer. It should open soon as the last time I was there you could here and kind of see the ride working its last-minute kinks out. But the walls were still up. Maybe its time to go visit again…. 😉

Click here for more info

Have you heard about this yet? This one looks awesome and I can’t wait for it! We’ll go through the jungles, ancient temples, confront the natives and fend off some terrors along the way. While of course, coming face to face with King Kong himself!

Stick with me as I run my way around Orlando!






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  1. sloluckyruns Avatar

    I need to come check that out. And visit you!

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