Alice Through The Looking Glass




Thanks to Disney Parks Blog, I was able to have a very fun experience Saturday morning. If you all were to take a peek into my private life, it would literally be like a Wonderland. I collect books of Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass, and pretty much anything Alice in Wonderland related. I grew up with the story and now live my life as the story. Think about it, it has so many positive, inspirational messages in it. Disney really did a good job at making sure we let our imagination run wild. My personal social accounts are flooded with references with Alice in Wonderland and yes on instagram too. OK, you get the point, I’m a fan.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch a private screening of Alice Through The Looking Glass with the Disney Parks Blog.

Now, now, don’t worry, I WILL NOT talk about the movie itself and spoil it. Because being a big movie aficionado myself, I hate when others spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. But I will say this….GO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE. As soon as it opens on May 27th. It was fascinating!

One thing I LOVE about going to Disney events is that they always want to make it fun. So they asked us, (although it wasn’t required) to wear our mad hats. To wear our funnest, wacky, silly hat! As I stated above, I have so much Alice in Wonderland stuff that I was torn in what to wear! We had hats, shirts and plenty of accessories for the event.


We were so excited for this! Any time we get to dress up we enjoy it, especially when it’s a few of our favorite characters. The Disney Parks blog managers in charge of the event were loving the enthusiasm everyone had and just digging little man’s hat! Which yes, we both won some excellent prizes for our spirit.

The event was well put together, it went off with no problems. The group was a good amount of people and everyone was, curiouser, and curiouser and as mad as hatter 😉 See what I did there?  We took pictures with the beautiful posters that are everywhere and talked about the movie amongst ourselves. I honestly do recommend you watch you, my little man also loved it, and yes we will be watching it again. Thank you Disney Park Blogs for this unforgettable chance.







2 responses to “Alice Through The Looking Glass”

  1. alenka85 Avatar

    Love Johnny Depp 🙂

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      He is a great actor.

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