Clean fuel for runners

As runners, we always try to look for the best way to properly fuel, feed, and heal our bodies. We want to run our best without doing damage to ourselves. I have been using Vega for years now and they have just come out with a  new line that I think you should give it a try.

Vega Clean Protein and Vega Clean Energy

Vega Clean Energy is clean, plant-based fuel you can take before you work out. You can also take it while you work out to keep you going. I have been drinking it while I run for hydration and energy.

Each serving contains 80mg of caffeine from green and black tea which is immediate and sustained energy from carbohydrates and electrolytes to hydrates.

Berry Infusion Clean Energy


I have been using this for the past week now and I LOVE it. I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels for sure. I have gone through all levels of my chronic diseases and they haven’t stopped me. I’ve used the Vega Clean Energy throughout my run and my energy levels don’t change. They stay very active and I keep going without feeling tired. My fibro and Scoliosis have left me with little to no sleep at night and with no energy to do anything throughout the day, but with the clean energy I haven’t had an issue with lack of. I definitely have been putting it to the test, and it has been doing its job and giving me what I need. I think I found my new mid run love.

The other new addition to the clean family is the Vega Clean Protein. Women need more protein in their diets, but most are hesitant to add more because of the whole “bulk up” problem. And since there are so many different protein options to choose from, it’s understandable. But with Vega Clean Protein, it is a healthy, clean way to build muscle and hydrate without bulking up.

Keep in mind that Vega Clean is: Plant-based, Non-GMO verified, gluten-free, made with no dairy or soy, no artificial flavors colors or sweeteners, and vegan certified.

Chocolate Clean Protein

At only 130 calories, Vega Clean Protein is 25 grams of complete, premium protein blends made from pea, hemp, alfalfa, and pumpkin. You can drink it shortly after your run or work out. You can have it as a shake, or blend it into your favor fruits and have it as a smoothie.

I usually just toss it into my shaker and have it as a shake about an hour after I finished running. As soon as I am done, I still have my Vega recovery accelerator, but later on I drink my Clean Protein. I have been doing so for a while and my muscles have been recovering much quicker. I am running about 4 to 6 miles each day, throwing 10 to 13 miles in there once to twice a week.

Lots of you ask me about the taste of Vega and Clean tastes delicious!!!! I have made a few smoothies with the chocolate protein. I’ve added water, a scoop of protein, ice, and bananas. I’ve also swapped the bananas for berries. Both have been a sweet success! But if you are looking for other ways to make clean eating fun, follow Vega on twitter. They are ALWAYS sharing great recipes like these


Vega products has been the only thing that doesn’t give me GI issues. I don’t use gels, I don’t use anything during marathon races or training. I only use Vega hydration. I have completed all my races successfully when it comes down to my energy levels, my running muscles, and my recovery time. Vega has kept me running healthy and has kept my muscles as happy as they can be. Thanks for making such wonderful tasty stuff!!!!


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