RUN the states


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! Time for fireworks and fun!

But there is also something that is kicking off today….and it’s pretty big…

Do YOU like a challenge? You know my answer to that. I’ve been going strong in my current Run the year challenge. But in my true, “go big or go home” MO I decided to add another Run The Edge challenge. But this one is a big more….challenging 😉

With the Run the year challenge, I am doing it with Alpha and Janine and together we are running 2,016 miles for the year. For the latest and greatest challenge created by the amazing team over at Run The Edge, this has more miles involved…just a tiny bit more….a few hundred more…ok over 1,000 more!!!! I introduce you to the AMERITHON CHALLENGE!

Amerithon Challenge

Run The Edge came up with this genius virtual race with a kick ass medal! It is a total of 3,521 miles that will begin on July 4, TODAY and virtually take you from the Golden Gate bridge, as you travel across America, and end at the Washington Monument. You will virtually travel across 13 states, and you can complete the miles however, with whomever, and whenever you want! While there isn’t a set time frame, wouldn’t it be epic if you finished it within the year!?!?!?!?


While there are different packages you can register for, (click here to learn more) the top 2 packages will big you this 6 piece medal, a keepsake box, wall map and sooo much stuff! The medal along is reason enough to track those miles!

You can do the challenge solo, as I am, Or you can do it as a team. If you go for “Get it all” Package, which I highly recommend because it comes with EVERYTHING, you’ll get a pretty cool Amerithon passport with stickers and it will help you keep track of your progress and will be nice to see how far you will get. Besides, it’s also a fun way to get your kids involved. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to placed your badge stickers in your passports once you reach your milestones and states. Oh and you get a challenge t-shirt too.

Follow them on instagram (Yes that’s my idol Kara Goucher)

Run The Edge has teamed up with Team Red White and Blue for this challenge. Now through the end of July, 10% of registration proceeds will be donated. Click here to learn more about them.

If this Scoliosis struggling, fibromylagia fighting, runner is up for the challenge, I think YOU should too! So why don’t you join this Amerithon ambassador??? Just to remind you, you can do these miles however you want. You can run them, walk the, skate them, swim them, bike them, ski them, HOWEVER you can get them in! Let’s have some fun and add some miles on our shoes!


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