So you all are pretty familiar with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon race series right? The happiest, funnest, party, rockin’ races on the planet? I am sure many of you have done several of their races and continue to do so. Las Vegas probably being the most popular one. Feel free to use my discount code for that: theScoliosisrunner2016


This race series just goat a bit more kick ass, if that is even possible. They have added a virtual run series!!! You all know how much I enjoy a good virtual run challenge! The virtual run consists of three parts of making the band. You can do each one individually: the guitar solo from June 26- July 20, the drum solo Jul 21- August 14, and the lead singer August 15- September 05. Or even better…just do them all and MAKE THE BAND!!!

You already run on your trails, treadmill, and streets while rocking it out to your favorite bands, so why not get a rocking medal to go with it?!?! If you sign up for all 3 virtual races, each one has it’s own finisher medal, plus you’ll get an addition making the band medal so you’ll earn yourself 4 medals!

While each race will earn you some nice bling, you will also get a virtual race bib you can download. There is also a finisher zone where you can review you run, see your progress, get discounts, collect some badges, and in other words brag on how awesome you did on your virtual runs!

And if all of THAT isn’t cool enough, you can also have a chance to win more stuff!! When you finish, post and tag your photos and videos with #RnRVirtualRun for a chance to win prizes! “Audition” for the band by showing us your Guitar Solos, Drum Solos, and Lead Singer submissions with #RnRVirtualRun. So hurry! Get all your friends together and get started with making your band! The guitar solo ends July 20th!!!!

Don’t forget about my code: theScoliosisrunner2016 to use for the other races.


Get rockin’!



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