Winter Runningland

Running wherever and whenever you want is fun right? But for some, who have to deal with the snow and crazy winter weather and STILL manage to get out there and brave double digits runs, you all are my heroes! You all should be rewarded for those runs you do, so why not do Rock n Roll’s Winter Runningland virtual run?!?!

You have all done races from the Rock n Roll Marathon Series right? So you know how epic their bling and how they do things. Especially if you did their first virtual race series which the bling was awesome.

The Summer Rock n Roll Virtual race Making the band series bling

I had so much fun and it actually helps me. Just think about it. It’s a reason to get you out the door, and it helps you with your training. If you want to go for a certain pace, finish time, or even create your own distance, go ahead. These are virtual 5Ks but who’s to say you can make your own rules with virtual races?

But it’s definitely a good way to add some speed work into your training or to add some fun into your runs when it starts to get long and boring during marathon training. But now that these cold Winter months are creeping in, well at least for some of us 😉 The urge to get out of that warm, cozy, bed might be a little tougher. I know some of you might not like the treadmill, but knowing you will earn these Winter Runningland bling when you are done might get you up and running!

Rock n Roll Virtual Run – Winter Runningland

You can sign up to earn all 3 of these medals and earn the spinning snow globe as the bonus medal, or sign up for any of them individually. You can also do with a group, with your family, or all alone. You can also download your virtual bibs for each race that you decide to do. After you are done, you’ll get your very own Finisher Zone! You’ll be able to look at your run, collect finisher badges, receive discounts on merchandise, and share your achievements!


Make sure to have fun with your run and take photos too! Post them on your social media and hash them with #RNRVirtualRun 🙂 Don’t miss the chance on this one. When I posted the making the band bling, many of you were pretty bummed that you missed the chance to sign up for it. Don’t let it happen again! Work hard this Winter and get rewarded for it!


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