#sharetheSPARK -be the spark

Today has been a pretty awesome day! Seems as though emails is the theme. I got another email telling me that I have been accepted into another ambassadorship program! One that I have admired and loved for what they do. Momentum Jewelry has made a major movement in the running community. They are everywhere! But most commonly found on your wrist. I have many on their motivational wraps.

You know how much I LOVE bracelets, especially motivational ones. and Momentum jewelry has a variety to choose from. And even better, you can custom make one.

This is an Army Airborne quote my husband used to say when he was in. It helps me focus and stay on track during a race and I look down at my wrist when I am running.

Momentum jewelry has other stuff too you can check out here. But I am truly honored to represent this company as an ambassador. They help inspire and keep so many people motivated, including myself that I feel we will be a good match together since we do the exact same thing. Our quest is to make other feel good about themselves no matter what obstacles may present before them, and to help keep you all going forward towards your dreams.

Thank you Momentum Jewelry for this incredible opportunity, and I can not wait for this new journey!



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