Gramophone run.

I love a good virtual run for many reasons. One being, it helps keep me motivated during training. Don’t know if you all have been following Rock n Roll Marathon Series races, but they have been doing virtual races now. The latest one they have is called Virtual Tracks which the bling alone looks pretty cool. And don’t we all at some point, do it for the bling???

Click here for more info

I really do like these medals a lot! And like I said, they add a bit more fun to my training. And they can do help with your marathon training too! Make it a little challenge for yourself. Or run with some friends. Either way it would be nice to earn these beauties.

You can sign up to earn these individually, or sign up for them all and earn the Jukebox as a bonus! But if you want the Gramophone, today is the last day to register for it. The Boombox is Apr 12- 25, and the MP3 Player is Apr 26-May 10. Each race is a 5K distance but of course you can always do whatever you’d like.

You will also be able to download your own bibs and have access to the finisher zone where you can look at your runs, collect badges, get discounts, and share your achievements.


Today I completed the first one and earned the Gramophone medal! I did 4 miles in the Florida heat. There were clouds here and a light breeze but that didn’t matter. I still got burned and was super tired when I was done. But I did it and earned my first piece of the Running Tracks virtual race series!


Hope to see you all earn your medals!


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