Amerithon Challenge Update

I have been doing a challenge for myself to complete 3,521 miles. It’s called the Amerithon challenge. It has a MASSIVE medal to go with it too BTW. It is all done virtually and I have been tallying my running, racing, and cycling miles into it. They tell you to accumulate miles as you run, walk, bike, swim, hike, or even pogo stick across America. The “they” I am referring to is the goofy guys behind Run The Edge.

Them two, along with a great team, have created and work on this amazing challenge and keep us all motivated to finish. Like I said, the medal is huge! It is a replica of the United States b the challenge is to make your way across the U.S. and make it through the mile markers. And when you finish the entire challenge, you get a shoe charm to signify the finish. Click here to read all about it.

Today I was out wearing my Amerithon t-shirt and it made me realize how far I have gotten. I am about half way through the challenge. I have stopped used the bike since it’s really uncomfortable on my back. So the miles are about 85% running.


I’ve had a lot of bad days lately (especially this week) with my chronic pain so this was a great reminder and it put a smile on my face. Even just walking around has been a problem lately, laying down hurts like hell. So seeing that I am about halfway done with a 3,521 miles challenge gives me that extra boost of endurance I need.

People thought I was crazy to take on such a challenge with battling through my Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, and my Brain Disease. Having a brain tumor definitely doesn’t make things any better and suffering from chronic migraines turns my world upside down, but I will tell you this, there is never a lack of positivity nor a lack of determination.

I will keep chasing this challenge and keep going until the end because I will make it. I always do.



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