PHEIDIPPIDES run with a little Rock n Roll

As a runner you must have heard Pheidippides. If you haven’t than shame on you! Let’s go back, waaaay back in B.C. he ran from Marathon to Athens which was about 25 miles to deliver the news of victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. Soon after he shouted his excitement, he collapsed and died. And the marathon was born. I’m a bit of Greek mythology nerd. OK enough, history.

Why am I bringing up this well-known athlete’s name? Well because it has to do with what The Rock n Roll Marathon series has recently released!…another virtual run to do! Here is a question for you…Do you do virtual runs for the bling, or for fun? Because this run has both!


Of course you don’t have to run as far asPheidippides did because each of these medals are 5K distances. You can sign up for each one individually, but why not go big? Go for the Pheidippides challenge and sign up for all of then and earn the bonus medal and earn the medal with the wings!

You can run it anywhere, anytime, with anyone. While on the site there is a scheduled date for you to run it, it can make it more fun. As with past Rock n Roll virtual run there is a virtual bib you can download and the finisher zone. Which is why there is a set date for you to run  the races so you can collect badges and receive discounts and share your progress and what you’ve done!

Click here for more info

You already know that I’m in for all the races because you know that I love a challenge. Besides, those medals…come on! The Rock n Roll series NAILED it! You all should join me! Get more information or check out more details here.





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