I Can and I WILL 

In running, especially training we discover our true selves. We battle a lot, against ourselves. We see our strengths and our weaknesses. No matter what anyone says or what they will post online, there are battling against something. No one is perfect and you need to remember that. 

There is no need to compare yourself to anyone else or try to be better than anyone else but yourself. That is the biggest battle to overcome, but yet the biggest satisfaction to receive. When you are working real hard towards a dream and fall over and over again stop at nothing to keep going, that is where you see your true strength. 

Running is hard, I understand that. Trust me, if anyone gets that it’s me lol. But I also understand what it’s like to get knocked down over and over and having that dream stay a dream and never seem like it will be a reality. It’s time to wake up and realize that you are strong enough and see that anything is possible!!!

I believe that if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way no matter how long it takes for it to happen. It took me years; when I first started back up again I could only go 200 meters without crying in excruciating pain. 2 years later I was running my first 5k again. Then 2 years later my first half marathon and so on. 

One of my go to mantras on my bad days, and when I say bad days that includes the days when I can’t get out of bed. Since I suffer from chronic pain i.e. Scoliosis, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, fiber neuropathy, seizures, and some unknown brain disease, I have a lot of bad days. But I am also too stubborn to just lay in bed and my mantra is “I can I will.” And I am so so SO happy that Momentum Jewelry has released their fall line and it has that mantra in it!!! 

I already ordered mine and already received it and I haven’t taken it off yet. It is a great reminder and a great mantra to add to your rough days no matter what they are. Especially during your marathon long running training days. Feel free to see more of the collection here because you’ll need to add it as some sweet arm candy.
I always thought that anyone can think to themselves “I can I will” because it’s true. Your mind is very power and it is the one you have to convince. In my case on my bad chronic pain days, by me thinking “I can I will” is a form of survival. I can survive this pain another day, and I will survive this pain another day. And when the next day comes, I do it all over again. “I can I will” has been one of my mantras and will continue to be because I CAN AND I WILL. 


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