Run into RunnerBox

I know you have heard me talk about the RunnerBox before but since I have gotten lots of questions about it lately, I am going to answer them for you. What else are ambassadors for right?

First off, if you don’t know about RunnerBox, it is a pretty cool box filled with runner related stuff that gets delivered by-monthly to your house. Each box is different and ranges from nutrition, apparel, runner needs, must haves, the latest finds, the coolest stuff for runners. About 10 to 12 things per box. And I like it because, they have runners who have already tested the products that they are putting inside the boxes. So you know they are effective.

You can order a subscription box and receive them all the time, or order them as a gift for a birthday, mother’s day, or to wish a runner good luck or congratulate a runner for a job well done. It’s a unique gift. Especially for those “hard to buy” people. With the holidays right around the corner, there will be limited edition boxes and gift certificate you can purchase. Click here to see their gift options.

The Fall/Winter edition box was recently released so now is the perfect time to order it. It has lots of great finds in it and I just got mine and I am ready to dive in and get more favorites. I have found my favorite items and must haves through RunnerBox. They take care of all the work for you. No need to search for midrun fuels and snacks and good proteins that works for you. I remember having to do that and it got so expensive. This was less work and less money.

Again, each box is different and such a wonderful surprise! It seriously is like Christmas every other month because you never know what you will get! I have been getting these boxes for YEARS and I’ve NEVER had the same box repeated. I don’t know how they do it. But they are amazing. Check out their latest items:

Click here to order or for more info.

Go check out their site and see what they have and get more information. And they also have Tri and Cycle boxes! And I do have a discount code if you are interested. Enter it at check out: RURUNRB. Included in the boxes as well are coupons for some of the items in the boxes which come in very handy if you fall in love with any of them. 😉








2 responses to “Run into RunnerBox”

  1. catrunsnyc Avatar

    Ok I took the bait. I’ve book marked the site and might be checking it out in the next week or so! Thanks for the post!

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Awesome!!! You won’t be disappointed.

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