Remy’s Kitchen is pawsitively great!

We all want to give our dogs the best that life can offer. The best we can give them. We rescued Lyssa from a local shelter. She is a Doberman who used to be chained outside in the killer Florida heat. She has permanent scars on her neck from the chains she has on her. When we brought her home, she has no idea how to react or what to do. We were very patient with her and fed her. She was EXTREMELY underweight.


My husband loves Dobermans, and wanted one really bad. I had one condition, make it a rescue. So he searched and found Lyssa. She was all set to be HIS dog. But boy did that change. Every time one of my illnesses flared up, she acted up. We took note, and long story short, had a friend who trains service dogs evaluate her. During her evaluation, she performed an alert on a stranger! The rest is history ❤ My husband lost his Doberman to me. Now she is my velcro dog because I can’t go anywhere without her LOL

I take her to Disney with me on days I am not feeling that great or days the crowds are minimal. But other than that, it’s Target runs. But I honestly only need her at home. She has been an INCREDIBLE addition to our family because she keeps me safe and saves my life, and my husband feels better knowing she is with me, and my son can read off of her and can prepare when she alerts me.


I still keep Lyssa sharp and give her new tasks to train on. So I want to give her a good reward. I came across Remy’s Kitchen. They are superfood snacks for dogs! Since Lyssa has a sensitive stomach, they were gracious enough to send some samples so she can find the right ones for her. Now Lyssa has her favorites. Remy’s Kitchen are snack treats that are made right here in the U.S. and contain no grains, no potatoes, and no fillers whatsoever! And the meat has no added hormones or antibiotics. Lyssa has a few favorites, like the Apple Cinnamon, pumpkin and kale, and turkey snack treats. When you smell them, that is exactly what they smell like. Not like other treats you get at pet stores that have a different odor.

Remy’s Kitchen snack treats

She LOVES Remy’s Kitchen, and already responds to the treats by name. I reward her for alerts and new tasks. She hops for her Remy’s Kitchen snacks and I am happy with the nutrition ingredients in it. Lyssa has a super sensitive belly and many foods make her sick. So I knew these snacks are good because her belly was happy!

Click HERE  to see all of Remy’s Kitchen snacks


I was not paid or sent any snack bags. I actually paid for them myself once we figured out which ones she liked the most. I am just writing to spread the word because these are excellent for dogs. For training, for rewards or just snacks. And the customer service is PHENOMENAL! They sure are Lyssa approved!

She has the Apple Cinnamon snack treat on her paw

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