I’m a featured Badass mom with chronic illness

Being a mother is a great gift. Probably one of the greatest gifts a woman can receive. But of course, there are also tough times, from the moment our children are born until forever. Because let’s be honest, we will always worry about them no matter how old they are right? But you know what is tougher? Being a mother with incurable chronic illnesses. From … Continue reading I’m a featured Badass mom with chronic illness

Challenges with STRENGTH.

Some see challenges as something big and scary. But I see them and I go right for them! I don’t know why but it’s a personal thing and I feel accomplished. Even if I don’t beat the challenge, just willing to try the challenge, any challenge, makes me feel accomplished. If you have been following me on my social media, you’ve seen my recent post about overcoming … Continue reading Challenges with STRENGTH.

Still flying on broken wings.

I don’t really share about my personal, PERSONAL life but something is telling me to, she is. The first week of December my mom came to spent the entire month with me and my brother. We had tons of fun activities planned out. The first day she came, I did Track Shack’s OUC half marathon. The next day she wasn’t feeling well and then got worse. We … Continue reading Still flying on broken wings.

She is an IRONMAN, full of courage and bravery.

Do you know what 140.6 means? If you have ever done a triathlon or know someone who has, then you know. Let me break it down…it is a 2.4 miles swim followed by a 112 miles bicycle ride, then quick shoes changed to end it with a 26.2 miles run. Not to mention, all done with NO break in between. Do you think you’d do … Continue reading She is an IRONMAN, full of courage and bravery.