Orlando Unleashed

Orlando Unleashed







Since I help you all within running, I’d thought I’d help you a little bit more! Since you all are always asking me about what is going on in and around Orlando, I thought I’d start a new edition to my blog called Orlando Unleashed. I will bring you updates on races, events, theme parks, grand openings, resorts, and special offers in the area.

There are TONS and TONS and TONS of things happening this year until the next few years so I will not bombard you all everything because then it just gets too crazy. But I’ll just give you a few and touch on some new things opening or things you might be interested in. Living in Orlando, I do venture off all over the place. I am an annual passholder of several theme parks and take part in several events around Orlando. And since I have lots of family and friends that come from out-of-town, I tend to drive them around because some like to go to the theme parks, and some like to go away from the crowds and do more low-key, sight-seeing. Feel free to follow my instagram for pictures and fun stuff to do in the city beautiful.


Lots of fun and exciting things are always happening here in Orlando and I will do my best to bring you guys up to date information! If there is any events in particular you would like me to update you on, feel free to let me know or comment about me. Lots of new things are going to be released this Summer! =)



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