MY Tips to make the KT Tape stick!

As most of you know, I am a KT Tape superfan, and believer in their product. In case you don’t know much about the tape, you can read my past two posts on KT Tape. Here is a video that explains what it is: KT Tape┬áhas tons of different applications. I love the tape because I can use it on almost any pain. It is … Continue reading MY Tips to make the KT Tape stick!

Running with Peroneal Tendonitis

Do you think you have Peroneal Tendonitis? The two peroneal tendons(A tendon is a band if tissue that connects muscles to bone) in the foot run side-by-side behind the outer ankle bone. One peroneal tendon attaches to the outer part of the midfoot, while the other tendon runs under the foot and attaches near the inside of the arch. These tendons are important because they … Continue reading Running with Peroneal Tendonitis