Do you own a Fitletic?

Fitletic is a great company that all runners should be familiar with. They have an awesome way for you to run comfortably. They started Fitletic in 2008, and have created an effective way to carry your keys, money, wallet and cell phones without it effecting your performance. Fitletic makes sports belts for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. They have several different belts: from race bib holders, … Continue reading Do you own a Fitletic?

Don’t make these mistakes while running

As runners, we have all made mistakes at some point in our training. The mistakes have taught us a thing or two right? Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid so you remain injury free, and can PR at your next race! Running mistake 1.- Having improper upper body form. Some runners swing their arms side-to-side, which makes you more likely to slouch … Continue reading Don’t make these mistakes while running

Super Foods for Runners

From crazy diets to carb-loading, it’s easy to see why there are many misconceptions about the best fuel for your body before a day of incredible exertion. There are certain foods that should be on your weekly grocery list, as well as fueling foods for your body on a daily basis. The long grueling workouts that many endurance athletes do, can take a toll on your … Continue reading Super Foods for Runners

Stay hydrated!!!

Staying well hydrated is important to everyone, but to runners it is VITAL! It can impair our performance so it is important to stay hydrated. Water is the most important nutrient for life and has many important functions including regulating temperature, lubricating  joints and transporting nutrients and waste throughout the body. You should always be drinking water or a sports drink through out the day, especially … Continue reading Stay hydrated!!!