You read all about my traveling fun, and the events ASICS had planned for our team. Now I bring you to THE day, race day. The ASICS bus was leaving our hotel at 5 a.m. The evening before I had a carb full meal, I ran into my coach on the way back and he gave me some last minute words of encouragement. Surprisingly, I … Continue reading NYC part II THE RACE

NYC Marathon, the beginning.

This race was the most epic of all epicness!!! Is that even a word…it will be for now.. The moment came, the day we were leaving for New York. I was still packing last minute because I had moved just days before and I couldn’t find anything! But I made sure that my race day gear was all there and in my carry on luggage! … Continue reading NYC Marathon, the beginning.

You had questions, we had answers

For the webisode 4 series of the “5 to the finish line” teamASICS, we wanted your questions! You all handed in some great questions and lots of nutrition, what to eat during training! Well the video is out and here are what some of the members of teamASICS New York City Marathon team has to say: It’s getting close, less than 30 days out from … Continue reading You had questions, we had answers

“The best is yet to come..” -Frank Sinatra

Training for the New York City Marathon continues. I am doing my best to head out onto the trails but it’s been difficult. Since the heat here has been in the crazy triple digits, I have no choice but to run indoors. As crazy as it sounds, because I have been living in FL almost all my life, I don’t do well running in the … Continue reading “The best is yet to come..” -Frank Sinatra

Be brave, be courageous, BE YOUtiful.

I just want to take a second and applaud woman around the world. Keep doing what you are doing no matter what anyone says. Set a goal and do it for you. Don’t do it to please society. or anyone but yourself. While many of us have curves, muscles, scars, and stretch marks, we are all beautiful. Each of us are different and have things … Continue reading Be brave, be courageous, BE YOUtiful.