Are you having problems with shin splints??

I hear the word shin splints and I cringe! It is a common running injury we sometimes get! I know I have written and talked about it before, but I am refreshing your memory to help you out! MOST COMMON CAUSES: Overpronation Improper or not enough stretching Worn out/ Improper shoes Running surfaces Running form Having Anterior shin splints, which is towards the outside of … Continue reading Are you having problems with shin splints??

Prevent shin splints.

Shin splints are probably a runner’s worst nightmare!! I know they are mine, and I struggle when they attack! But there are different kinds of shin splints pain. There is anterior and posterior shin splints. Anterior shin splints is having pain in the front of the leg right below the knee; the tibialas anterior. The posterior shin splints is painĀ along the inside edge of the … Continue reading Prevent shin splints.