Gramophone run.

I love a good virtual run for many reasons. One being, it helps keep me motivated during training. Don’t know if you all have been following Rock n Roll Marathon Series races, but they have been doing virtual races now. The latest one they have is called Virtual Tracks which the bling alone looks pretty cool. And don’t we all at some point, do it for the bling??? I … Continue reading Gramophone run.


So you all are pretty familiar with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon race series right? The happiest, funnest, party, rockin’ races on the planet? I am sure many of you have done several of their races and continue to do so. Las Vegas probably being the most popular one. Feel free to use my discount code for that: theScoliosisrunner2016 This race series just goat a bit more kick ass, … Continue reading #RnRVirtualRun