Are you running the proper way??

Having the proper running form will affect the way you perform in a race. If you are running wrong, it will lead to pains, strains, and injuries. Maintaining these steps will keep you in proper form and running efficiently. The way you hold your HEAD is key to your overall posture. Make sure you aren’t looking upwards, or down at your feet. You should be looking … Continue reading Are you running the proper way??

August Plank Challenge!!!

Planking for runners is VERY beneficial. Planking helps strengthen our core making us run more efficiently.  A strong core will protect your back, and promote good posture while running. It improves proper biomechanics and helps you to be a better athlete overall. There are many many different types of planks, but they all have the same purpose. A plank is an isometric exercise that works … Continue reading August Plank Challenge!!!

Variation of modified planks

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, HAVING A STRONG CORE IS ESSENTIAL TO RUNNERS!!!! Working together as a function, the core enables the body to produce force, dynamically stabilize and reduce force. Correct form while running is crucial to avoiding injuries. It will also improve your efficiency and make running more enjoyable. A well-functioning core also protects the spine and provides a biomechanically efficient … Continue reading Variation of modified planks