The Color Run is a MUST DO race!!

As a Color Run Ambassador, I had the opportunity to run this awesome race. I ran it with my husband and our 4-year-old(kids under 5 are free) son. It was a memorable family moment we ill never forget! It was a lot of fun and most likely will repeat in the future!



We ran the race in Orlando around the Citrus Bowl. It was awesome how the color area was placed in the course. My son was so excited to get to each color he actually ended up running the whole 3.1 miles! I knew he could run most of the course but didn’t think he would run it all!! Boy was I proud of him!


One thing I really enjoyed about this race was that it isn’t timed! You can run it or even walk it at your own pace, which makes for GREAT times with family and friends. We ran the race at my son’s pace which he ended up finishing in about 45 minutes. At the start line they had tons of colorful bands they were throwing out to the crowd, and made my son smile when he got a purple one!  It did start to drizzle but not enough to stop the fun! Everyone kept going and the light drizzle stopped shortly after it started.20130922_101342RU

The color dust wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Even though we wore glasses to protect our eyes, the color was NOT sprayed near our face at all. They keep the coloring below, and it was OK to breathe. It wasn’t overpowering. I was very happy about that. After the race at the finish line party was very fun! The stage was crowded with Color fans, and the DJ was awesome playing good upbeat music. And was very interactive with the crowd! He was awesome, they kept throwing more color bombs into the crowd to do huge color explosions. It was super awesome, we kept going into the center of it all and getting covered with colors!!! We had also brought towels so we could sit on them in the car to avoid getting the car dirty. Some people brought a change of clothes and wet towels to wipe off. We just sat on the towels and cleaned up at home. The color came off easily with a good scrub =)


All in all, it was a fantastic time spent with my boys, we all had fun and enjoyed being colored! Seeing the BIG smile on my son’s face at every kilometer of color was priceless! I would do this again in a heart beat, and 10000% recommend it for you ALL to do! It truly was : THE HAPPIEST 5K ON THE PLANET!

color run


Check their website to check for a location near you! Sign up today using this code to receive a discount!


-cheetah g

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